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Help loweren phosphate


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Sorry for the newbie question. I have a 12g nano tank thats been running almost 3 weeks now. I tested my water and all my level are good but my phosphate is really high. i use tap water when i set up the tank, about 20lb of live sand and 15lb of live rock. now i got green algae growing on the rocks. what would you think the best way to do to lower the phosphate? should i just do a water change or any thing i could ad to the water to lower it. this is what it looks like dsc00029jc7.jpg


sorry wrong link..http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/3861/dsc00029jc7.jpg

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lil'wrasse cool

you can buy phosphate remover the one I used came in a bag (pantyhoes like) with little white ball and you just put it in a high flow area like your filter and give it a couple days, or you can buy just the little balls and buy a bag to put them in. Give it a couple days and you'll notice less agea. I think there is liquid also (phosban I think) Tap water tends to have higher phosphates maybe test you water to see the levels. looks like your gitting some red slime algea to lowering you nphosphates will help you can also grow some cheeto to help absorb some of your nitates and phos.

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You can try macro-algae in the tank if you don't mind the look. They will out-compete the hair algae and should control the phosphate and nitrate.


I use tapwater too, for top-off and waterchange. I use seachem phosguard and macro-algae... I don't know how good they are, 'cos I never test the levels. But the coral seems to be thriving which should be a good sign.

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