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hair algae choking my Acan Lord


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I have a acan lord that is at risk of hair algae taking over. I have tried picking some of the hair algae off with my fingers but some of it is growing on and inside of the skeleton of the colony and it is not allowing the tissue of the acan to extend.


How do I get rid of this before it becomes catastrophic? Its not a really bad problem now but this is by far my favorite acan and I want to take preventive measures before it becomes unresolvable. Thanks



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Hello fellow Texan, I freguent Houston quite a bit.

I bought one of these at the advice of my LFS and in 3 days I couldn't find a piece of hair algae in my tank. From the pics you can see how bad it was. The sea hare even ate the algae on and around my corals with no damage to anything. The only down side is they really poop a lot but it's nothing a weekly vacuum can't handle. Good luck with your problem.



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Thanks Nanoty! That is a sea hare? Are these generally expensive? Im starting to get quite a bit of hair algae on my sand bed too so I might be looking into this. I had a fighting conch but it didnt do anything for hair algae.

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