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Retrofit tutorial? Exploring some options...


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Hey everyone. I recently picked up a 175W 10K SE MH bulb to replace t he 175W 15K SE bulb that seemed to be losing its strength after more than 12 months. The problem is the 15K is too blue, and the 10K is too yellow. What I really want is a 14K 150W bulb, but I am having a hard time finding one from my mogul.


I'm no electrician. How difficult is it to do a retrofit on my current pendant to use DE bulbs? It seems like there are more options with DEs anyway. Does anyone know of a good tutorial, sort of like a "retrofitting for dummies"?


Another option would be finding a hood that can go on top of my tank. I am running a 10G, so if I found a nice 20" hood that held a MH bulb (either retrofitted or not), that might be ok too. I've checked out SunPod, and they're on the pricey side for me. I've also seen the clip-on mounts, and they're not my favorite.


I'm also open to realizing that I'm being too picky. :) I'm fairly new to MH, and I haven't done light research in over a year, so I forgot a lot of what I learned, and I'm noticing there is also new stuff out these days.


Thanks for your advice!



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Well I have had it burn for about 8 hours, but I don't know what an appropriate burn-in time is. I didn't even know they had to be burned in until a few days ago. I have a magnetic ballast. My lighting all came from a friend for cheap, so I'm due for investing in a "real" light system. I just don't know how to get the color I want, and I'm not handy with making stuff up yet.

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