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Coral Vue Hydros

Post a pic of you FW tanks! Any size is fine!


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I'll go first :happy: - I'm easy to beat... -_-

My first tank: It's shameful :P I tore it down.. I may make it a pico though... :happy:



My living room tank: 26 gallon bow front w/ tetras and guppies and lots of cory cats - they won't stop breeding :eek: (the cories)



My 5.5 guppy tank- again, they won't stop breeding!




My 55 gallon planted:




My 125 gallon planted discus tank:

What it used to be (family member took care of it :mellow: (It was nasty- note the green/ brown water :lol: )


After I got done with it- I went for the all natural look- literally- just w/c's, almost no cleaning of dead leaves...






Come on, I know you all can beat me... ;)

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That discus tank is awesome gvt. I agree you should get some more, but maybe you're going for the whole very-low-bioload-low-maintenance route. Unfortunately all my fw tanks exist in the before time, in the long long ago.

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I have a 29g planted tank. Not taking a pic of it right now becasue I'm having a algae infestation even after getting a UV light. (the 2 algae eaters can't keep up) might have to buy a few more.

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Nice myrx7! How big is it?

As for my tank, I had a die out a few months ago, and am actually getting a discus tomorrow- I had them breeding and everything, but the big male died, so discus hunting I a go tomorrow! :P

Although I like SW more, I still like FW too!

Travis- that tank is deep!

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Moving, simple, brings about emotion- you accomplished a lot with very little, it makes a statement... get my drift? :D

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WoW!!! Nice Discus! What do you do wc wise? What are your parameters? I can barely keep discus alone, nevermind with catfish, parotfish, etc! Kudos wimby!

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Moving, simple, brings about emotion- you accomplished a lot with very little, it makes a statement... get my drift?

Yeah, i get ya. Here is the planed scape using dwar hair grass and micro swords.




Which makes for a nice Triangular shape...


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Heh... one of the problems of going open top! At least you didn't have a $50 discus jump out of a sealed tank (I still can't figure out how he did it!) He was curled like a potato chip when I found him :haha: poor guy.

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I used to breed cichlids. Not discus or angels, just africans. My 20H (before it was a nano reef) had a breeding pair of Neolamprologus brichardi and their 20 odd offspring. I also had Kribensis, Pelvicachromis pulcher. Oh and rams, so they are South American. Also Neolamprologus multifasciatus. They are little shell dwellers. Since I got into saltwater I have kinda let my FW tanks go. I have two FW 10 gallons that are asking for SW, as soon as I have the $$$.

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oh god ill have to dig up some old pics... i forgot how much i dislike FW since starting reefs lol but to each their own ill see what old pics i can dig up


ok so here was my nano planted 10 gallon it was also a semi quarantine tiank for a dwarf gourami for a bit... god i dont miss FW


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thats a lota plants!! :o:o whats the plant making up most of the taller ones on the sides?



Here are a couple of pictures of my 37 planted, about 6 months apart.





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