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cerenthias anemone?


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i think i spelled that right... anyway, these things are amazing looking. But im sure there is a good reason why almost noone here has them in their tanks, so whats up? No good? dangerous to fish, corals? any way to keep one in a nc24? what are their requirements? thanks guys.. any info is appreciated.

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

close. Cerianthus


this should help clear up the matter. if peeps dont know, they tend to assume the worst. many just believe the myths (fish eaters).


i saw a neon green tube anemone the other day. think i'll be returning to purchase it in the near future.


a few members have kept ta's in thier nano's. pretty cool critters


they are quite interesting.

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interesting.. Is it dangerous to keep one in the same tank as a clown? would i be putting the clown in danger? what do they eat? are they at all photosynthetic?

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