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a bunch of questions crammed into one


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so im home from school for the easter weekend and couldnt resist messing around with my tank. so heres my questions:

1. i noticed my zoas were looking different, still growing rapidly and looking the same color wise but instead of having the skirt perpendicular to the stem, the skirt is pulled back kind of. so instead of having the top of the zoa be concave, its kinda convex where the mouth is poking out the highest. any ideas why that is? im not sure that im a big fan.

2. i was attaching a yuma (maybe florida, ive never been able to tell for sure) to a larger piece of rock and some super glue got on some of the tentacles. whats gonna happen with that? i assume it will recover since its just a small portion but i dunno if theres anything to worry about.

3. a candy cane that i damaged over spring break (2 weeks ago) has been sitting in the sand ever since then cuz i dont have a better place for it. does it matter if two heads are touching the sand? i assume theyll shift themselves accordingly.


any help or anybodys experiences with any of the above would be great, im not really too concerned with any of it, just curious.

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1. They may be reaching for food. I notice that when i feed my tank some of the zoas will go 'convex'

2. The Ricordia Yuma should be fine. I dont think that the glue will actually be able to adhere to a yuma long term... too much slime.

3. I would definitely move the candy cane heads out of the sand. This can promote bleaching and damage the flesh. I don’t know how much of the head is actually touching the sand but I would try to adjust it.


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