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Mantis Shrimp in a Glass Aquarium


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First of all, sorry to any admins or mods if this is in the wrong forum, this is my first post.


Anyway, I am somewhat new to the saltwater side of the hobby. I have kept freshwater for over 15 years. When I set up my 20 gallon reef I researched and read forums about possible problems I might encounter. I came upon the Mantis Shrimp. Oddly enough, after reading lots of information about them, I now want one.


I have a spare ten gallon glass tank and I was wondering if I will run the risk of a Mantis breaking that tank. Should I buy/build an acrylic tank? Any help would be great.


Thanks. :)

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ah yes the old mantis and the glass question. check out RC. there is a manits fforum and that is the place for mantids. there is a sticky to "Roys ID page" you'll be referring to that a lot.


anyways, your question: depends on the species. No species that can be kept in a 10 gal can smash glass. the only ones that can do that are large (6inches and up) peacock mantids or angry adult G. chiragra.


you're probably wondering what mantis to get. get an N. wennerae via tampabaysaltwater.com


N. wennerae can be kept in your 10gal, can't smash glass, are very interactive, variable in colour (you can mess with lighting to get the colour you want if you can afford different lighting fixtures), and are very available via TBS (only online source that is consistent with wennies). Very good beginner mantis and you don't even have to bother learning how to differentiate peacocks, chiragras, smithii, viridis, etc etc etc.

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The whole mantis breaking the glass is really a myth. No one has actually documented this happening although it could be possible with thin glass and a large mantis. You should be fine. There is tons of info in the mantis tank thread. The link link to it is below.

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travis, i gotta disagree here bud. There most certainly are occurences where mantids have smashed open glass tanks. Over on RC Dr. roy has had a couple smashed. In england there was a mantis who smashed open a 1/4 inch tank so they named him tyson (google it). but like you said, the smashed glass pertains only to large species of smasher.

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Well, I decided to not use the glass tank. I ordered a tank from glasscages.com that will be made out of 3/8in acrylic. I'll probably turn the 10 gallon into a sump/fuge for my 20 gallon reef tank.

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If they're going to hit the glass, it will more than likely be on the bottom. You can line the bottom of your tank with some acrylic if it make you feel better. I've got an gonodactylaceus ternatensis in a 24 gallon nano cube and love it. Lots of personality plus it beats up its food before a meal!

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