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is brooklynella a gram negative pathogen?


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i thought brooklynella was a protozoa, and therefore eukaryotic and can't be classified via gram (+) or gram (-)

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bacteria are prokaryotes?



Ya'll are taking me back to my college days. A prokaryote is an organism without a true nucleus or any other membrane bound organism, hence bacteria=prokaryote. A eukaryote conversley is an organism with a definite nucleus. Most prokaryotes are unicellular. You guys are on your own on the Gram + thing. This is making my brain hurt! :) Let me know if you guys get the answer... :D


Clown has this disease.

want to know if it can be classified as

gram + or gram - pathogen

but can't find info



Okay, after researching, it is not a gram + or gram - bacteria. It is a fluke worm that houses in their gills. Look at this website. It was really interesting; and a bit of an intimidating disease...http://www.reefs.org/library/aquarium_net/0497/0497_6.html

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