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Coral Vue Hydros

White Spot on False Percula


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Hey guys can anyone tell me what this might be? It looks like a parasite of some sort, it started as a small grain and now you can actually see it from a side view of the fish.


I thought Ich at first but it doesn't really look like it and the fish is acting completely normal, eating and swimming.


Here is a pic:


Picture of Fish




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barebottom tank and use some melafix or another cure ... also hypo salinity or fw dips if worse comes to worse


I was going to get a 10g to quarantine, but would a 5g bucket with circulation, heater, and an airstone work?


I am about to run out and grab the medicine and a net to catch the fish. Should I quarantine both percs, or just the one?


Sorry guys I know I should have read more on ich but now I am kind of out of time and want to cure it before I have a problem.



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Copper Power is the best copper around, I use it myself. You can treat at high levels with it, well over the 2.5ppm that is need, and not have a problems with your fish stressing out or dying.


Copper Power works just like any other copper, so you're just seeing the ich drop off the fish but it's not dead yet, not does it mean that the fish is free from ich. There is ich still in the body of the fish that hasn't worked it way out through the fish body, where you then can see it.


For 2 weeks after you see the last ich spore drop off the fish. as for acclimating him again, well it's just like when you get a new fish.


You want to move him into a tank without copper first, this will get any copper than maybe on him off before you move him back into the main tank. Then just start to acclimating process as if you're introducing a new fish to your tank.

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Do you guys think I should take my diamond watchman goby out of the tank too? 1 Perc appears to have ich, 1 does not, neither does the goby. I plan to move the pair of clowns to the quarantine, should I move the goby?

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Hey guys, I have had the two clownfish in a copper based QT tank. No change in the white spot on the back side on one of the clownfish. There are no other white spots on either of the fish. Do you believe this is still Ich, or possibly a parasite/lesion? The white spot protrudes about 1 cm from the body.

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I feed my two clowns two times a day with Formula Two, which has garlic in it.


So now the clowns have been in the QT tank for about a week with Mordel CopperSafe Ich treatment. So far no change. One of the clowns has the same single white protrusion on it (about 1cm). The other is free of any noticeable disease. Both have been eating like crazy and are very active. Neither have any slime or discolorations.


Can I get some recommendations? I only have three fish total, 2 clowns and a goby. I was told the goby is not very susceptible to ich (if this is ich). At this time should I continue to leave the clowns in QT or start the migration process back to the main tank?


Also, should I lower the salinity level? I have it at 1.024 (refractometer not floater) at this time.


Thank you,


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dont drop to low or you will kill some stuff on your LR and pos foul your system... its hard to get rid of ich... sometimes nearly imposible... only way is to quarentine ALL of your fish for 4-6 weeks... let the ich cycle and die because it has no host...if you put your fish in after your quarentine and see ich again try RUBY REEF stuff helps to controll it and sometimes remove it. reef safe as well.


in quarentine: run hyposalinity. increase temp. and syphon off botom for water changes. also in main tank increase temp as well... will help to speed things up.

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Formalin bath for 30-60 minutes 1ml per gallon in a separate container from the aquarium. Repeat every other day until the fish shows no signs or symptoms of illness. USE AN AIR STONE OR YOU FISH WILL DIE!


Most people will tell you how to treat your fish but they don't even know what your fish has. Ich is such a lame term to use. Formalin WILL KILL everything and anything on your fish. Malachite green/ formalin combo works very well too.

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So far no change. One of the clowns has the same single white protrusion on it (about 1cm).


Are you sure about the dimensions of that spot? 1 cm (almost 1/2 inch!) would be more like a tumor. Maybe 1mm?


I don't know about the white spots. Last night I just found the same thing on my new (less than two weeks) ocelleris clowns. :(


Into a QT they went, and I just added ReefCare today when I came home from work.


Keep treating them for the entire 2-4 weeks, and keep them out of the display for at least 6 weeks. :( Hopefully it will clear up. Have you tested the copper levels in the QT? Keep us posted on how it goes.



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It looks like ich to me. The only thing I know is just keep quareniting your clowns for 6-8 weeks. This will allow the ich to die out in the display tank also.


When I had ich all my fish died because of it, so I waited 6 weeks before adding another fish. It was long and boring tank to look at but it has worked so far. I have a clown gobie and 1 true perc with no ich yet, thank God.

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I keep hearing to use Formalin so I think I am going to get rid of this crappy Petco stuff I have now and go to the LFS for some Formalin. From what everyone is saying it sounds like i should keep them in the QT with lower salinity. Then do the "dip" for 30-60 min in another container with the formalin added every other day.


So a synopsis of what I should do:

1) Lower QT salinity to ??? (what is a safe salinity to lower to? I know this must be done gradually)

2) Purchase Formalin and add 1ml per gal. to a bucket for 30-60 min dips

3) Keep fish in QT for ~6 weeks



What is a safe salinity to lower to?

Do I need to remove the goby? (this guy is going to be so hard to catch)

I have the tank at 81deg. is this high enough or should I push for 82?


Dsoz: You are correct it is not a half inch, it it probably 2mm and looks very much like a small tumor. It has not grown at all since being in the QT.


Thanx again guys for all the help. The strange thing is I noticed this about 2 weeks ago and from everything I read the fish should be dead.



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dont drop to low or you will kill some stuff on your LR and pos foul your system




I wouldnt listen to this guy. Lowering salinity is completely safe if you do it slowly and fish actually benefit from salinity as low as 1.018. Fish actually try harder to maintain a balance with the water when you keep it at 1.020-1.025. If you dont have coral, theres simply no reason to keep it that high.

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If your fish are eating, I would think they can fight it off on their own - if it is indeed ich. In my experience, ich usually manifests itself as a massive attack in a short amount of time (few days?). If you already have them quarantined, I would lower the salinity (1.019-ish) and temperature (76-78F) to reduce the rate of growth, continue to feed and maintain clean water. I wouldn't bother with any supplements other than maybe garlic unless it gets worse.


EDIT: in the meantime, read up on it and you'll probably find it's not as scary as it sounds. unless it's brook but if it is brook your fish would prolly be dead by now. :(

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