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Closed top advice needed


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Hello all, i'm new around here but what a great group.

I'm going to be trying out LED lighting. Thanks to new developments in LEDs, I'd like to see if zoanthids can be kept happy.

Cree LED bar called "xtreme" on this page

Blue (470nm) LED supplement


I plan on building a tank with low-iron glass from Nano-Paul (thanks for the quick email reply, Paul)


My question is regarding the top of a tank approx 20"long, 10"tall, 10"deep.


The LED's need to be dry, so I'd like to just have a big slab of glass to lay across the top and then put the LEDs about an inch above the glass. (Scandanavian wood-modern looking light canopy thing to be built by me to suspend the LEDs)


I'm imagining an aquaclear 110 HOB filter, along the back, so the glass top would be 2-3 inches shy of the back edge for it to hang.


Will I have gas exchange issues?


Thanks for any input here.

I'll be posting another thread regarding an Iceprobe and whether to drill the glass for it or stick it in the HOB filter.



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As long as you have surface agitation and leave at least some space open it shouldn't be a huge problem. If you use a sump its a better setup because the gas can exchange there.

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Thanks for the response,

Should I use a piece of glass to create a "back half of the tank" type of sump instead of the AC110 HOB? I'm worried about noise of water pouring over the top of a glass seperater being loud, but it would create a nice area for the Iceprobe and a sump-type skimmer.

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