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first timer say'n hello

lil'wrasse cool

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lil'wrasse cool

Hi everyone my names Shawn I've been keeping SW fish for about 6 years. I've just started about 8 months or so with reefing. I have not gone too crazy with corals yet I don't think my tank is set up for the challenge yet. but I do have plans to set up a 50g long with a sump. But first I'm going to set up a 10g with a 20g sump just to get started with and learn the probs. that come with plumbing and running dripper with a sump. I'm moveing in a month or so so I m going to transfer my 28g to the 10g then start moding my 20g for the sump and find out pump sizes and get a overflow. ect. ect. I'm going to start cruzing this site to get more ideas and such. My 28g is just a basic set up with a modded penquin bio wheel that has a corralife 50/50 with some LR rubble and nice clumps of cheeto In my tank I got 3 power heads a well here's some pics. hope this works I have not posted pics. on this yet.


The 28g ? 30"-12"-18"



this was my 20g


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You've definitely got the right attitude for this hobby. Try using the search function to answer as many of your questions as possible and if that doesn't come up with anything feel free to ask whatever you like.


Nice tanks!

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