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Temp of 85 Degrees OK?


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Hello everyone. I just have one question: Does anyone know of any long term negative effects from having a temp. of 85 degrees? I have a 10g AGA that's been around 85 for the past few weeks (it's hot here in cali)... my fish seem just fine, all the corals seem perfectly healthy but I'm concerned that there may be some long term effects...

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85! not okay. Use some clip-on fans. They are dirt cheap but you got to top off the water more often.


go for 79-80.

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I gotta agree.

use a fan.

I have a small computer fan mounted inside my canopt to keep my temp down


nice avatar btw

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I don't think there will be any long term effects from high temperatures. If the temperature is too high you will probably see a very sudden effect (i.e. stuff dies). Your fish and corals may very well be able to tolerate 85 degree temps. There are reefs that reach that temperature. But you're right on the verge of disaster. I've heard studies that claim lethal temperature limits of some corals starting at 86. If your tank gets any hotter or if your thermometer is off, you could be in trouble. Fans are an easy way to cool a tank. Just remember to top off often as Duncan said.

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Previous quote in the Pico Forum...


I would be very careful with the Temp in tank. I'm using the same light and lost everything over the weekend because of the Temp going too high. I have 2.5 AGA that I had running for a little over two years. The water parameters were perfect. I kept the light mounted on four 35mm camera developing containers (little black containers used to keep 35mm film). The light accidently fell off the mount and rested on the tanks cover. Needless to say, the Temp warmed to 84 degrees. My corals began to melt and they didn't recover. I now have an empty tank with one surviving peppermint shrimp.


Just keep an eye on the Temp as it could be costly in the long run.


Good luck


I'm starting over. Nothing survived.

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