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need help with nanotuners bc29 lighting upgrade 4.36


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Ok, so nanotuners is closed, which I can't blame them considering the time (they've been AWESOME with their customer support for the orders I've place and questions I've had, btw).


I'm hoping someone here has some knowledge to help me. I've spent a good portion of my day putting my bc 4.36 lighting upgrade together. The lighting works great, but the fans won't turn on. I've checked and re-checked, and can't figure out what's up. I've got the variable voltage adapter and upgraded airflow happening (or at least, trying to happen).


Any suggestions? I've got the fans going from 3 pin to 2 pin, which in turn are connected to the black and white wires that lead to the ballast box. And the appropriate wires from there to the adapter. Help!


Thanks alot in advance.

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Weird maybe the adapter is shot?? I just did it last Friday and it seems like you wired it right. Its not that complicated.


BTW have you experimented with the different adapter plugs? The first one I tried didn't work.

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Dude I am about to solve all your problems. I finished the upgrade last night and had the same problem. Ok here it is, look at the black wire and the stripped black wire from the adapter. Just switch them. connect the black wire from the gray cable with the striped wire on the apapter and so forth.Just do the opposite.

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Got it! I feel so stupid now; the adapter (though it looks exactly the same from any angle) needed to be flipped 180 degrees. Thanks Nick at Nanotuners!

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