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yellow splotches on leather


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I've kept saltwater fish since the late 80s, but I'm a total newb with corals, which I'm trying in a 8 gallon biocube. Nothing fancy -- just beginner stuff.


I've got a leather that been doing fine for a couple months, but in the last couple days, it has started developing yellow splotches. Where the splotches are, it won't open. Not sure what this is or what to do about it, if anything.




Basic water parameters are:


amonia 0 ppm

nitrate 0 ppm

nitrite .5 ppm

sg 1.0235 (may have been slightly higher when this started)


My torch, star polyps and zoas seem happy. Only the leather is an unhappy camper.

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the splotches can be either simple dermal discoloration or a bacterial/viral issue dermal or subdermal.


if they're simply discoloration sometimes the issues can develop with a new addition, change in flow patterns, irritation from a tankmate, or simply a piece of detritus fell on it and laid there too long. try adjusting your flow pattern to give the area a little more flow. direct flow onto the coral isn't something i'd recommend, indirect flow that's intermittent is best imo.


if they're infections of some sort, they look dermal to me in that picture, i.e. less serious. subdermal tend to be darker and produce softening of the tissue area. interestingly enough, these can also be triggered by the same issues noted above. for instance, i've seen neighboring-coral stings result in "infections".


try lightly scraping one of the spots and cleaning off anything you scrape off by siphoning it out immediately/right upon scraping. i would also dose some lugol's iodine or kent marine's tech I as an antiseptic additive at this point. don't exceed the recommended dosages though.


nice specimen btw. any other pics?

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Thanks for the suggestions. I did change the flow pattern recently, so that sounds like a good place to start. I'm bouncing the stream off the glass more directly toward it now based on your feedback, which is how it used to be. I will also try the iodine.


As far as other pics go, I have a couple. You can see below what that leather looks like when its happy along with my billowing torch.








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i hope that works out then. :) give it some time, a couple of days should see some kind of reaction or not (try something different).


looks very nice when healthy.


just curious, does/did it feel slimey (along the stalk) or dry. did it change afterwards (illness/spotting/whatever)? i.e. slimey become dry, dry become slimey, or no change whatsoever.

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I wouldn't describe it as particularly slimey before or after, though the stalk has shrivelled some where it got infected.


Over the next couple days after changing the flow, the infection got worse (no relationship, I think). The yellow areas started showing up at the base of the stalk, and it started separating some from the rock. As the base weakened, it started leaning.


I stopped by the LFS and bought Iodine along with Seachem's Reef Dip, which they recommended for an antisceptic dip. I dipped it and dosed Iodine, then left it alone for a day. The dip and dose has helped a lot everwhere except the base, which still looks bad. I'll give it a few more days before thinking about next steps.


(I also pruned back my Chaeto, which had probably grown overly big for 8 gallons, and was using up more than its share of essential elements from the water.)

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