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how to cure a ick filled tank?


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Please help..


I have a 14 gallon nano cube with the following ...


live rock, peperment shrimp, lawnmower blenny, coral banded shrimp, clown fish, turbo snails, and a zooanthid.


My last 2 fish became ill with ick and died, I waited a week before replacing them with a single clown, and IT now has ick on it and just kinda swims there in one spot instead of back and forth. IT has gained wht spots all over it in 3 days.


My levels are all fine, and even brought water to store, and said they were all good. What is going on? How come everyfish I put in my tank gets ill with ick adn dies?


Any ideas?


And no I dont have money to setup a quarntine tank for the sick fish.

Please help

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If you can't set up a quarantine, then this is a problem you may have to face. If your fish is currently sick, and you can't move it to another tank, feed it garlic enriched foods. If he doesn't make it, let the tank sit fishless for six weeks before adding any new fish. This should let any remaining ick in the tank die off without a host.


In the future, shop around different LFSs and see if any quarantine their fish before putting them on display, even for a couple of weeks. This won't guarantee healthy fish, but it helps a bit as the fish aren't extra stressed from just being shipped. If any of the fish in the store have ick, don't buy. There's a chance you'll always have ick in your tank, the trick will be to feed garlic enriched foods and try to keep the fish's stress level down low enough (few tankmates, good water quality, etc) that it can fight it off on it's own.

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It takes a month, sometimes up to two months to let the ick parasite die out in a tank. Whenever you add a new fish, you are resetting this time period by giving the parasite a new host.


Setup a quarantine tank for the clown and keep your tank fishless for 6 weeks and you should be alright.

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How long has the tank been set up? What are the temperatures? Are you saying the blenny and 1st clown died? So the only fish you have now is the 2nd clown? There are lots of threads about treating ick, you can try feeding the current clown with garlic and hope it pulls through. Since you dont have a QT there arent a lot of useful medicines that wont harm your inverts or rock. If this clown dies leave your tank with out fish for 2 to 3 months. 3 is better, the parasite that causes ick can live in your tank for several weeks but will eventually die if there are no fish for it to host in. You still need to find out what caused the ick to begin with. Usually stress from temp swings, ammonia, nitrite, incorrect salinity, etc.

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I read in a old saltwater disease treatment book like ten years ago that if you remove the fish and your corals can handle the stress then you should slowly raise the temp of the tank to about 86 to 88. This causes the life cycle of the ich to speed up and without any host should die out rather quickly. Like in a few weeks. Or just wait a couple of months with normal temp. before adding a new fish.

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