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Coral Vue Hydros

RockOverFish's BC 14


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Well after having some success with my 6 gallon eclipse I decided I wanted a few more fish and some nicer corals so I went out and bought a BC14! Since I already had 7 pounds of very cured rock I decided to go with 12 more pounds of Reef Rocks Premium base rock. Here is the story of my new BC cycling the base rock, eventually when that's ready I'll match the SG of my current tank and move that rock over to it for a few days and then if no cycle occurs I'll move the fish from the 6 to their new happy 14 home!


So far the only mod's I've done is ditch the bio balls and swapped the lights so the fans run with the actinics. I have a heater in chamber 1 and filter floss in chamber 2, I plan to make some live rock rubble and put it in chamber 2.


Here is the tank on day one with just the live sand added and salt:




Picture with the Actinic going :



Close up of my favorite base rock from Reef Rocks, it's kind of a gold and orange:



And lastly the tank shot! I'm going to have to rearrange when I add my real live rock so this was the best I could do just to get it in there and growing!





Few other tidbits, I have 20 pounds live sand in there and I plan to seed it with that and a cup of live sand from my older tank. I'll also research some Purple up and see if it's better to use that or go natural, I'm guessing it will be 1-3 months before the rock actually starts to grow bacteria in it.



** I'm sorry you have to click the links I can't seem to get the images to appear using the image part of the web app.

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Some Updated Pictures.



Here is a picture of the Eclipse 6 combined into the new BC 14 home with the reef rocks. You can really tell which is the live rock and which is base but I'm hoping over time that changes!




And here are some of my lovely diatoms that I'm not sure why they are there, I'm concluding a mini cycle due to the moving of the rock but I matched the salinity and Temp of both tanks and let the tank cycle alone for a month with the base rock so it really should not be that. I've been doing water changes and bought some purigen hoping to clear it up. My hermits eat some of it but not much.






Stock list:

-1 False perc

-1 skunk shrimp

-3 red hermits

-5 margarita snails

-2 nass snails




-Just a riccordia mushroom for now

-Hopefully some xenia soon



Future fish:


-1 more fals perc

-sand sifting goby when the sand is more mature.

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its looking nice man, cool to see you upgraded. try using www.photobucket.com for uploading pictures next time. all you have to do is upload the picture then copy and paste the img code onto your reply. this way they will show right on the forum.

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Thanks for the tip on Phot bucket I'll give that a try! I wanted to just have the images show up so you didn't have to click into it. So far the only Mod's I'm really looking at is installing new fans cause sometimes when I turn on my fans they make a wining noise and it continues till I shut them off and turn them back on...really makes using a timer hard :) Right now my Polyps and Ricordia are doing great under this light (They had a 8w before, big change!) So no lighting mods planned.



Do you think Frogspawn would grow under the stock lights? I've heard clowns will sometimes host that and right now my poor clown sleeps in the "bow" of the glass on the upper left poor thing. He misses his heater from the old tank.

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After the move and having 3 weeks of good readings I decided to finally add my 2nd clown fish. So far he/she appears to be doing well and I havn't seen the 2 fight yet, although they don't really hang out much together yet. I managed to snap this picture!




I'm kind of shocked how bright mine is compared to the LFS one. Hopefully the other will brighten up in my care.

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I decided to snap some pictures while I was doing my weekly water change this week, Enjoy!


Assorted free coral not really sure what it is but it's hardy:



Feather duster:






Tank Shot:


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New things in from Ocean Devotion!


First is my feather duster and what appears to be hair algae around him, not sure why after so many months it would resurface.... I'm fighting it though!

Second is a front tank shot with a nice new coral in the middle from OD it's just a zoanthid colony but I like the look and the rock had tons of coraline on it.

Lastly is my Soap dish Full of cheato :) Enjoy!






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Here is my brand new frog spawn. Many thanks to the local reefer that sold it cheap.





Taken with my new out of the box Nikon D40. Much to learn I have!

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