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Is Molting Good?


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I did a WC yesturday, the first with my cleaner in the tank, and this morning I woke up to what I thought was a dead shrimp -_- I look across the tank and see the actual shrimp cleaning a powerhead. :lol: is molting a sign of stress (a bad wc?) or that he is happy? Also, how often will he molt? He is ~ 1.5" long and lives in my BC14.

Thanks! :D

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Just a necessary part of its life. It could be brought on by stress in the form of a rapid change in some water chemistry that it needs to acclimate to, or it could be that it just grew too much and needs to molt because of it.

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So we are all saying motling good, not bad. I thought my hermit was dead casue it molted and then i was told crab molts look like actulal crabs.

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If animals are stressed, they likely won't molt. Stress can inhibit growth, especially in aquatic inverts and molting is a response to growth.


Molting requires a lot of energy on the part of the organism and they usually do it in response to positive environmental cues.

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Mr. Fosi: Thanks! That's just what I wanted to hear. :happy:

x22hockey: Molting may not go well, and the organism may die as a result, that much I do know... I knew someome who had a tatantula for 2 years and it mismolted- it was pretty nasty looking :eek:

Thanks all!

Now- How can I make this molt and future molts go smoothly???

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Complications while molting is blown out of proportion on these boards. I've had plenty of shrimp over the years that would molt about once a month and I've never had any deaths. I've had a couple of shrimp that lost a limb during a molt, but no deaths.

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Some of the water parameters that help molting go smoothly aren't ones you usually test for. An example would be iodine.


I have never seen a mismolt of an aquatic organism but I have seen mismolts of snakes. The terrestrial mismolts were easily helped back on track by the addition of a little moisture.

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I am using nutrisea water, and that is supposed to have iodine in it... but I think I may buy an iodine test kit... useful anyway :D

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