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Firefish and Clown Goby together in 20 Gallon


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I currently have a Firefish in my 20 gallon tank. It's the only fish in the tank so far. I would like to add a Clown Goby. Wondering if they would fight?


I believe that any Blenny is out because the Blenny would pick on the Firefish? Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well.

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a firefish and clown goby should be fine together, they're generally not very aggressive fish.


what type of blenny were you planning on getting? I've seen some blennys that were a-holes but that really just depends "personality" of the fish. majority of the time blennys are well-behaved. I've got a starry blenny in with a firefish and they do great together.

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i have a red firefish and a yellow clown gobie and a yasha gobie all in a 24g and they all hang out together just fine. should be no big deal.

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