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cloudy water from live sand


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Just set up my new 29gal Bio-cube.


Brief list:


40lbs live sand (aragonite retail bagged type)

25lbs live fiji cured rock


Used reverse osmosis water made by my local fish store.


When I put the live sand in the tank, it made my water really cloudy. Naturally, it all settled overnight, but I noticed again while I was spreading the sand out evenly this morning that it made the water cloudy again, and it had settled all over my live rock as well.


My question is should I be stirring this sand up until it stops making my water cloudy, or what? I dont want it to constantly be stirring up whenever I move something or the creatures stir it up.


The sand is very fine, but I would like to add some stars eventually and I was told this is the best for invertibrates that like to sand sift.


What should I do? Is making the water cloudy with sand particles bad for the tank?

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Let the sand sit and stop stirring it. Stirring causes it to be cloudy. If you want the sand off the rock use a turkey baster and blow it off.

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Let the sand sit and stop stirring it. Stirring causes it to be cloudy. If you want the sand off the rock use a turkey baster and blow it off.


Thanks for the info. But how am I going to keep it from stirrring up each time I do a water change or accidentally stir it up? Do I need to remove those fine particles from the tank or are they OK to leave in?


It is the Oolite sand, and it is roughly a 2" thick bed. Do I just have to be careful not to stir it up?


Thanks again for the help.

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I think any time you stir the sand you're going to see some cloudiness. My 6 gallon was set up for about 3 months and when I would finely sift the sand I would always see some stir up. Basically I just run filter floss to catch the loose particals during this time and over time it has gotten better, but I think I'll always have some cloudiness. I also blast the rocks with a turkey baster about 3 hours after I sift the sand so that any particals don't get stuck in there. It's also not a bad idea in case any gunk gets lodged in the rock :)

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When doing water changes the water should not be able to reach the sand so you wont have a problem or a small one if that.

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yeah. this is normal. especially if you just poured your sand in all at once, i can see why it got so cloudy. but with given time it'll be fine. your sand won't be pearly white after a while, your tanks' inhabitants will move it however you please, and it'll be all alright. kinda one of those things you just have to live with. now, if you're experiencing sediment in your water and not just sand, i would recommend a canister filter. did wonders for me with my water. but i guess to each his/her own. godd luck!

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i have oolite sand and when i started up my tank it did the exact same thing. I kept stirring it thinking that the filter would pick up all the particles. I now know that it is better just to leave it and over time little sand sifters and what not will clean it up and release the dust little by little into the tank and then your filter will pick it up. After my sand settled my tank was coated in a dust; the rocks, the glass, everything. I just set the tank up so i'm going to go clean off that dust now, haha.

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