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yellow clown goby or 6line


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Well, its about time for another fish. this will probably be the last fish I add because I don't want to overstock the tank. I have a bc29g with ~25lbs LR and 30lbs LS. I have a pair of false percs and a firefish. The firefish comes out when the light is on so I don't want to get anything that will cause him to stop coming out. I am debating on a 6line or yellow clown goby. Or if anybody else has any other suggestions let me know.

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i havea YCG and really like him/her just hangs out on corals waiting for food to pass and then jumps out to get it. a sixline will get bigger (more bio-load), but will be a more active swimmer.



EDIT: IMO id get the YCG.

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How much rock work do you have? Six lines really like to go in and out of holes. That beening said I love my six line but really miss my YCG. I lost him when I added the six line. My goby would perch on the glass, so cool, my kids also said he looked like he was smiling with his little rosy cheeks.

If your tank is fairly new I would probably wait a little while longer to add another fish.

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I've had both and rate them both pretty high. I would go with the YCG if I had to choose though. YCG are always in the open, they just hang around, a lot of personality too, Plus less bioload, less chance for compatability issues, and won't hurt your pod/worm population.

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