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Recommendations for online live stock purchases..


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Soon it will be time to start purcasing my first cuc and coral(s). I am planing on getting my first critters at the LFS, but I wanted to know what your guys think are good online stores. In case that I can not find something I like or a species that I want that is not available localy.



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When I was looking to buy my CuC online I had decided on Reefermadness since it had the majority of species I was looking for in one spot. But then I ended up going with my LFS anyway.

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Fish-ReefHotSpot, Liveaquaria


These are a few good vendors

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FraggleReef is great for coral


Premium Aquatics is good for liverock and dry goods. I think they are getting more live stock (fish, coral, etc) as they move into their new place, but so far not much seen.


As for my common livestock I had pretty good luck with PetCo for clowns and a cardinal after going through a few bad LFS. Best luck.

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