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Old Man Of The Sea

Hello again, I'm now to start in a number of months hopefully my 180 & 240 gal reef tanks. I am right now hard drive do searches on corals.


What I like to know is if there are any members here with large SPS tanks?


Also im open to suggestions for bright coloration corals as well as corals that are rare.


If there any here to offer their assistance in this search, it would be very helpful.


As well, im now putting together a selection and if any help is here in my quest, I would then post this selection and would be open for further opinions.


Not to long ago I had the electrical work done and I now have on the wall that faces the two reef tanks, 110 amps. I have that much now for the electrician had put in two new outlets with four separated lines with 20 amps each>

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Nano = small


240 gal. = large


you are at nano-reef.com




Try over on reefcentral.com

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