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Hey guys, i got a 10 gallon nano setup. At the moment i have an aquaclear 20 with a sponge and some LR on top, i also have a protien skimmer. My question is about makeing a refugium.


I was planning on purchasing a aquaclear 70 and converiting it to a refugium. What do i need? do i just put crushed coral at the bottom, some Chaeto and LR, plus a light? Can someone also post the link on how to convert a aquaclear into a refugium? If you could please tell me how this is done, what it does, and how do i maintain it. Do i ever have to take the filter off and clean it? and how can i still filter particles out of the water to keep it crystal clean?


Thanks Guys

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For about the same price as the aquaclear 70, and if you dont mind a little DIY. I use a rufugium kit I got off ebay for 35 bucks including shipping. And I also picked up a 18 watt mini compact of ebay for 28 bucks including shipping.


I put about an inch to 2 inches of live sand in between the baffles, with about 2 lbs of rubble rock, then a handful of cheato algae. As for the pump for the refugium I bought the smallest powerhead I could find for like 15 bucks I think.


I have have absolutely no problems with my set-up, and no algae what so ever has grown in my main tank for over a week now. And the algae that was there before I put on the refugium was after a couple of days.


I hope this helps you out, and if you have any more questions shoot away. Here are some pictures.










Let me know if you have any more questions!

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heh myrxseven so proud of that fuge. Looks good though! To the orig poster there is a thread on here about aq 70 mods to make it a fuge. Search around im sure you'll find it. Or look on the sticky there under DIY Library im sure its linked in there.

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