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Help with pumps and flow in Biocube 29


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Hi, I recently bought a biocube 29 and joined the forum. I've been reading alot of posts but I think I've screwed up royally.:o I thought I could fit a rio 2500 pump that I already had into chamber 3. I bought and set up a 3/4 bulkhead and added a locline split to have one 1/2" return on top and the other 1/2" return down and under the sand to the front of the tank (like the cadlights tanks). Great idea except I didn't put the pump all the way down when I tested it for fit (my mistake). Since I had already dremmeled the bulkhead in I finished the project and put in a via aqua 1300 I had on hand into the chamber (just barely fit). Good flow on the top return but very weak on the bottom. Any ideas on what pump I can use that will fit and give good flow to both returns. Any other ideas? Thanks and thanks for all the wonderful tips on nanos!

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