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I've taken the plunge


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Well today I got to set up my tank :D

I will post pictures as soon as the sand (cloud) clears up :huh:

I will also re position some of the LR B)


wish me luck! lol

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One Eyed Bunny

I want details!


How much sand?

How much live rock? What type of live rock is it?

What're your lights gonna be?

What size tank?

Do you like things that glow in the dark?

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30g tank AKA 36 LONG tank

23 lb LR (TO BEGIN...I WILL ADD MORE DEPENDING) Indonesian LR mixed with Premium Fiji


1 MJ900

Millenium 3000 HOB FILTER (280 gph)


light will consist of PC sattlelite 2x96 WATT with fan (will get in two weeks from now)

mostly softies for now...


one of the reasons i started with just 23lbs of LR is because i have ornaments...to work around with...once i get the look i want..ill add more LR to complete the look


will post pics soon


my first water test will be in two weeks...for now im going to just sit back and watch..and let IT do it's thing... :P

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Good luck!! :) Waiting for the pics!! One thing you might want to get an additional power head. I have the same tank and 2 mj1200s.. Lots of water movement.



Decorations?? :happy: What is the theme?

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Scott Riemer

Looking forward to the pics. I'm not personally a fan of decorations but it's not my tank so who cares :D . Heck, maybe you'll surprise me.

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hehe..the whole decoration theme is because my gf is involve -_-

plus it grew on me...ill take pics tonight when i get home from work... ;)

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