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Cyano on my star polyps?


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Great, I get home from a weekend away and find what appears to be red slime algae starting to creep through my green star polyps. I actually am acclimating some new stuff I got on the way home so the lights are off and I can't get pics but is there anything I can do to stop it? Are my poylps doomed? It is only in one little place on them but I don't know if I should try and remove the infected part or what. It wasn't quite as bad when I was just fighting the hair algae but now this.

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Scott Riemer

If you decide to try the chemical approach, I have used Boyd's Chemi-Clean Red Slime Remover with great success. Cyano went away within 48 hours.

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Red Slime Remover works great. Takes 3 days to resolve but your star polyps should be fine, just dont let it get out of control. I need to add RSR tonight, I got a little bit too. It happens.

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