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Picotope cleanup crew


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Just wondering how many cleaners I should have in my 3 gallon pico. Right now I've got just one hermit. What's working for other people?

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get some snails ... like one or two nassarius snails ... and some astrea's and you should be good


2 Astreas, 3 Mexican Red Legs, and 1 dwarf (REALLY small) blue leg hermit.

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I have 1 small blue legged (in the fuge) and 1 tri-color hermit (not sure if it's the same thing but he's quite a bit larger) in the display. I use a super nimble nano to clean the glass.

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In my 2.5 I have the following and it has worked great for this tank.


I have 1 Nassarius, 1 Cerith, 1 Astrea and 2-3 Stomatellas that crawled out of the LR. The Nass. & Cerith keep the sand stirred and pretty clean, and the Astrea keeps the rockwork almost spotless. I do still swipe the glass with a magfloat once a week.

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