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New LiveRock, Help with small life!


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Hello all,


Just setup up a picotope 3g. Added a 7lbs single live rock after a week. Its been 2 days since then, how much life is going to die off on this thing? I like all the soft corals i'm seeing and i even seem to have a flat sponge thing on one side, its yellow, but has some sediment covering his color up so no pic of that. BUT... I have other pics of things I cannot identify. And off we go.


There are some root things, they look like tree roots growing all over the rock, white to grey in coloration. I am assuming they are worms. There are bean sprout looking things stuck in my HOB filter. I assume they are the same things but more developed.


There are lots of small buglike things, brown to green in color, with defined heads, and two small feet to propel. But they are just floating on the water line. I am assuming these are copepods?


On one side of the LR there is a green worm or slug? What is this thing? Should i pluck him out?


On the front of the LR there are lettuce like algae of some color, unknown, i think its red but am partially colorblind. Is this red coraline?


Also, the rock is covered in the disturbed kent biosediment that i am using as the substrate so the colors are somewhat dulled.


I noticed this morning a shrimp the size of a pencil tip, he was swimming all over but i cannot find him now. No coloration, so i didnt try to take a picture of it. If you see anything else in there I havent asked, let me know. I have been doing research and just started salt, i have a mbuna cichlid tank thats been going for a year and a half. But salt creatures are so much more complex than fresh.








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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

#1 looks like it could be a spagetti worm inside the tube. (tenticals sticking out.

#2 not sure what i'm looking at.

#3 beige blob lower right? q tip sponge (pineapple sponge)

#4 lol this ones the q tip sponge, guest i'm not sure what i'm ldentifing in #3 lol

#5 q tip sponge again? is there something else?

#6 ????????

green worm sounds like a type of algae. did it move?

shrimp was probably and amphipod.


lettuce like algae is probably ulva. (red or green)




#7 ???????

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