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Aptasia anemones


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A couple of Peppermint Shrimp, that are not fed much, should take care of the issue. You could even setup a quarantine tank with the Peppermints to deal with the problem pieces.


I personally don’t like keeping Peppermint Shrimp long-term, but they have always taken care of Aiptasia for me. After leaving them in for a few weeks after the problem is no longer detectable, I end up giving them away.

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I think I may have one. It's just a little guy that came with one of my live rocks. How would I know if it's an aptasia, and why are they bad?


I second the above. Natural predation > Chemical warfare.
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One Eyed Bunny

Google it. Then search under images and you'll see plenty of pictures.


They're bad because they're unsightly and aggressive.

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Scott Riemer

I'm not disagreeing with the above. But, if you don't want Peppermint Shrimp, Joe's Juice has always done the trick for me.

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