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Another Halide Question...


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im looking to buy some new lighting for a 29 gallon tank.

I would like halides due to their shimmer effect and natural look compared to T-5s

I need to know if this is a good choice or not..

I would like one of the following fixtures

1. The Viper Clamp-On 150W Fixture ( i don't think it has a fan though)

2. The Aqualight Advanced Light Series 150W w/ fans


Would any of these be good enough for a 29 gallon with corals that need only a decent amount of light like xenias and colt corals ?


Also would heat be an issue in this case and would i need additional lights or cooling fans?


All suggestions are welcome.. pls. don't flame :mellow:

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A MH has a good spread over a 2'x2' area, so a 24" square. Your 29 gallon tank is a big longer than that, so to get a good spread, I'd go with the Viper and have it a bit higher. This is purely based on the spread/flexiblity of the light.


As for quality, I've heard (not personal experience, so please take this advice with a grain of salt) that Vipers aren't the best fixtures out there...so hopefully with more experience can chime in. :)

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I am pretty sure they updated the design on the vipers and they are bot having the issues as the first ones.


I am using a 250 over a 29 and its about what i want on there... a little on the high end but it was a good deal.


150 should give you enough for that stuff IMO


Just remember to put the higher light needy corals towards the top and you should be fine.


I would suggest getting the one with the fans cause that 250 has my tank at 84 degrees before adding some fans blowing across the top.

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Since you have a 250 fixture.. would i need the fans still if i get the 150W halide Viper .. if so would the Aqualight fixture be more cost efficent since it includes a fan built-in?

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