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Reef Kingdom?


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Alright, I have searched nanoreef, Google, and other forums to get info on reefkingdom.com and couldn't find anything really. Does anyone have direct experience with them? I am on a paly kick recently and they have some great looking ones. Obviously tweaked a little, but I can't tell how much. I emailed the owner and he offered to give me flash photos of a few pieces if I wanted, so I will probably do that. But if anyone has an experience to share that would be awesome.

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I know that they are high...but I really want a variety of colorful palys and right now they have the best selection. I was also looking at ultimate frags but they wont be up and running for a few weeks yet...

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I ordered Palys from them.



I got some AOG's that were kind of nice but looked dark, not colorful, another frag (black zoa's with red skirt) didn't make it.


There is feedback from them on www.club-zoa.com and reef central. Overpriced and not worth it.

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