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Macros with Canon S3 IS


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I just cant do it. I borrowed a canon S3 IS from work today to get some good shots cuz my nikon isnt the best, but i cant take a macro shot. I set it to the macro setting but when i zoom in, it cant focus AT ALL, its got freakin 12x optical and i can go to like 1x before it gets blurry. I have to bring the camera back tomorrow so can someone just tell me what settings to put it on, or just how to take some good shots? thanks.

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Don't use zoom with macro. :) I have the S1 IS model (2 generations before S3 IS) and that one didn't come with macro unfortunately, but it works at very close range dispte that. But don't use zoom and it should work well.

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Nah, you aren't. Sometime's it's tricky... Another thing to try that I do and works, is get far from the tank and then zoom in on the object.

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