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2.5 mini mantis reef!

ram man

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Its been a while since I have posted pics of any of my tanks. I figured since this tank was going so well I would make a journal of it. The main inhabitant is what i believe to be either a N. wennerae or a G. viridis. And this guy is tiny too, an inch at most in size. He can only hunt and kill amphipods so far, but he does a very good job of it. I currently only have 2 coral frags in this tank, they are both small frags of zoanthids that fell off of larger colonies at the lfs, for 5 bucks I thought it was a steal. Any way here are some pics from a few weeks ago.








Sorry about the poor pic quality, the camera has a hard time focusing on him. Also the cyano has cleared up since I added more chaeto to the HOB filter.

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nice mantis! I am guessing it's a N. Wennerae. I have one that is about 2 1/2 inches and looks exactly like that. Without close ups its hard to tell positivly. Might want to upgrade the tank to a 5 or ten in the future. Now a 2.5 is fine but he will grow. I will try to get some pics of mine today or tommarow but he is kinda shy at times (food fixes that well:)) nice tank got a FTS? keep us updated?

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I've been keeping mantis for a while now and know what I'm doing, the little guy will be moved to a NC 6 once he reaches the size at which he needs to be moved.


Thanks for the complement guys, this thread will be updated when ever I get a new pic of him or a new coral, I'll try to get some pics of the tank in a little while.

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Nice little mantis, and I do mean LITTLE! I don't see them often that tiny, but it looks like a bold little creature. I hope you enjoy him :)

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Try to ignore the lopsided light in the last pic, also sorry for the low quality pics, the camera is only a sony cyber shot 5.1.

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wow! thats a pretty nice mantis tank! is that him in the first FTS close to the middle but offcentered to the right alittle?

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How could I forget to add tank specs?


2.5 gallon tank

-some cheap old hob as a fuge and for flow

-25 watt heater

-36 watt pc fixture

- 1 inch sand bed

- about 3 lbs of liverock


Live stock

- Mantis

-2 purple and green shrrom frags

-1 brown and green zoa frag

-1 red skirted zoa frag


I will hopefully be able to go to the lfs tommorow to get some more corals. I might pic up a monti digi frag or small candy cane. Or I could pic up a nice zoa frag or two if I some.

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Ok, got 2 new zoa frags and a colt coral, the colt was not doing good under the high lighting of the mantis tank so i moved it to the ten gallon i have set up. I also have the new zoanthid frags in the ten for now. So far this carribean frag i got has some bad fungus, the other frag wich is brown and has an orange circle in the center looks like it could have lots of potential. And The mantis molted, this time he is orange. His molt only took about 4 days... weird


On the subject of the mantis, does any one have some cool name ideas?

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