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Just wondering where everyone buys there corals and equipment, since i live in australia theres not manny places, and the best LFS for marine is about 2 hours away and yes im lazy.


do people buy off the internet?

what do you recommend i do


2 weeks till i start my marine, well until our house is ready lol


thanks everyone

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I could give you a list but I think the shipping from Canada might suck. With the great barrier reef so close I would have thought australia would be full of cool stuff we never get here.

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Swayzee, without an importing licence and an AQIS approved quarantine facility ($10,00 worth), you wont be allowed to import any fish into the country. There aren't many online stores in australia that actually sell fish.


Try some of these:







Also, most aussie reefers congrgate here, come join us:


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i guess with australia's quaranteen they wont let you get anything imported lol. and i thought our barrier reef was protected from that stuff, so we do have farms didnt know that, lol



thnks for the help ill goto masa and check it out

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