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Red Sea Max Questions - Price & Dimensions


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Getting back into the hobby after being away for a few years. I have been doing a lot of research and looking around on this web site and have found a lot of very good information.


I have decided on a AIO system and really like the Red Sea Max. The problem is that none of my LFS (Austin, TX) carry it. So not being able to actually see and touch it is a little dissapointing. I am also a little worried since it looks like I will have to order it through the web and am concerned about damage in shipping and dealing with any issues once it is unpacked.


My two questions are:


1. Superfishstore.com is offering the tank and stand delivered for $649.95. This does include the shipping on pallet to your door. This seems like a pretty good price, any thoughts on this, anyone know of any better deals?


2. Can someone give me the dimensions of the unit? I looked at the Red Sea Max web page, but the stand and the tank are showing different dimensions. The stand dimensions are showing as being smaller than the tank which can't be true. I am sure that the tank does not hang over the edge of the stand. The web page shows the stand as being 23.6" wide and the tank 24" wide. Not a huge difference but if anything I think the stand would be wider. The web page also shows the stand as being 18.1" deep and the tank as 19.7" deep. Now that is more than an inch and a half. Since those seem to be off I am not sure what to think of the height. So if anyone has one on a totem stand can you measure the whole thing and let me know what you come up with?

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snake plissken

the discrepancy you are seeing is because the totem stand tapers at the bottom. the stand is flush with the tank where they meet (at the top of the stand)

however, at the bottom of the stand, it recedes slightly under the cabinet door. so the actual footprint of the stand is slightly smaller than the footprint of the tank.


i saw that same deal you did for $650 delivered. sounds pretty good


check out the detail drawing of the totem cabinet on the redseamax site



you can see the lip

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:o That's the best deal I have seen for the combination. I bought the Tank, Stand, and Starter Kit for $670 and I picked it up.


The Starter Kit is pretty much useless..... The substrate sucks and the tests have been all over the map.

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snake plissken

that price is really good...almost too good. it certianly sounds like the RSM and stand are included, but read the details again...it's a little fishy




This is the Red Sea Max. Complete Reef System. This is a limited time special. You get the tank/cabinet/all access Home Delivered for one price. This ships direct from Red Sea!


Includes 34g Glass Tank

Includes integrated cabinet with filter and skimmer

Includes hood with PC lighting and moonlights.

Complete reef system.

Read about this system here:



Email ahead with questions. There are no extra s/h charges. You pay $649.95 + our standard ground s/h, $13.95, and that's it! We pay freight! and it will be delivered on a pallet to your door from Red Sea. There are no additional charges for this item. $649.95 includes Max, Cabinet, Freight shipping.


Integrated cabinet with filter and skimmer?? the filter and skimmer are in the tank - not the "cabinet" (stand).


has anybody ordered this from them yet? does it include the Tank AND Stand?

am i just being paraniod?

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