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salt water mix


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One Eyed Bunny

This is certainly a controversial topic. In my opinion no salt is actually close to natural saltwater if you were to complete a full spectrum comparison. However, most people use Instant Ocean salt because of it's price and availability. I use RedSea and haven't had any issues.




Hopefully this will give you an idea of what people are using.

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I use instant ocean I was stumped till I watched a behind the scenes video on the Atlanta Aquarium and they use IO salt if its good enough for them then it works for me!!!!! I have never had any problems with it

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I use Reef Crystals cause it supposedly has better ca/alk levels than IO and DRsFS had it on sale for only a dollar or two more a bag. Ca for the bag I have open now tests ca around 370 and alk is all of like 2.1meq/l


Consistency from bag to bag or bucket to bucket with almost any salt doesn't seem very great from most people I've heard from.

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I use coralife salt. i usually buy 3 or 4 bags to last me a few months, open them up and empty them out into a special salt bucket i have

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I use Oceanic only because I read somewhere else that it was the best. It mixes a little weak. In order to get 1.025 I have to use 1/2c + 1.5 Tbs. The bag says 1/2c will do it.

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I was using red sea for quite a while. Then it ran out of stock and the lfs recommended Marine Environment salt. I gave it a try and found it dissolves within seconds (hand stirring method). Growth on my corals are great as well.

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