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Vacation - What do I do with my fishies?


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So, I am finally going away to get a little R&R with the family. We are leaving on Sunday and will return Thursday night. I am planning my Sunday water change on Saturday night and then will feed them right before I leave Sunday and as soon as I return on Thursday night.


We have family coming over to take care of the cats and I would rather not have them touching the tank. Will the fish and corals last that long?


For reference, I have the following in my tank:

2 clowns

1 blue chromis

1 6-line


1 pep shrimp

1 skunk cleaner


1 crocea clam

1 bta

assorted zoos


various rics and shrooms



various snails

3 scarlet hermits


Thanks in advance!!!

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One Eyed Bunny

You could have the visitor just add a small amount of food to the tank. I doubt it would dirty the water enough to cause any issues.


I know the damsel will last, but I'm unsure of the clownfish and wrasse.

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Thanks for the help. I bought a pillbox that has 7 different compartments. maybe I will have my in-laws feed them on Tuesday only....


And I can't imagine feeding them every 3 days. They are ravenous as it is. And I always hear conflicting things. Some say feed 2x/day, some say every other day.

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Never, ever trust your fish to someone who doesn't know what they're doing. They will be fine for 4 days. I've gone a week with no problem. If you're really concerned, get yourself 1 of those automatic feeders.

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I understand those benefits, but what about the fish themselves... Won't they eventually starve???

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Good point Anthony !


As for top-off, I am not worried because it is a BioCube with a top on it. I do water changes every week and never have to top off in between. But, I do keep the water level very high in my tank, so maybe that is the reason.



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wow.... really? I am sure I lose some, but there is no way I lose a gallon in a week. I doubt if I lose more than 2 cups...

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