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Flame Angel thread.


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Hello everyone.

I know people asked this question a 1000 times already but i can't find any good infor on it. Most answer would be

"it will nip at coral, clam. your tank is too small, you are a terrible person"

This kind of answer doesn't help me at all.


Back to my story.

I just got a 37 gallon Oceanic tank. I believe this fit the minimum tank size requirement for the Flame angel. So please don't tell me that the tank is too small for it. if the tank is indeed too small, then think of me as a bad person that like to torture fish for fun.

To me, i like both coral and fishes and i especially love the angel fishes. My dream tank would have some corals and a Flame angel and two blue damsels.


So i need your helps on this.

if you kept a flame angel before or still keeping it

please list :

1) how long you have it for

2) how long before it nip your corals


3) What kind of corals it eat or bother and what kind of corals it will leave alone.


I am trying to plan ahead so i can keep some corals and a Flame angel.


thanks alot everyone.

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In my experience with flame angels, is that you pretty much have a 50/50 chance for your angel to nip at your coral. Im not sure they really have a preference really, just whatever looks good. So in my opinion its a bad idea for a reef. Considering you can buy the fish for 15-20 bucks, when some corals may cost you 50-100 bucks.

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yeah i am aware of the fact that some corals cost alot of money. so i will stock my tank with cheap corals just in case it start to destroy everything. i am just doing some research and will decide later.



anyone else?

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