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My Biocube 14!

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I got my Biocube 14 for christmas, or rather a print out of one that says its on its way! :D:D:D Still one of the best presents I got!!! lol I am getting the tank and the stand, so I'lll post pics as soon as I get it!!!

In the mean time, I have a question, should i use gloves in the tank, or should I just use my hands?



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In theory gloves are best, but I think most of us find them too cumbersome/too much of a nuisance, and clean hands are good enough!


Congrats on the Biocube - sweet!!

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Nice! I just checked on Ups.com, and it says it will be here on the 28!!!!!!!! I can't wait!

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Very nice gloves. If you keep them clean they can be used for many things (installing MH bulbs, moving liverock, cleaning dishes :D )

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Ok, here is my horrible sketch in MS Paint:

My stocking Plans:

14 Gallon BioCube

20 Lbs of Live Rock

20 Lbs of Live Sand

1 -212 model zoo-med power sweep power head

2 true percula clowns

MAYBE 1 fire fish

a few 'shrooms

an anemone (bubble tip?)

other various frags

2 cleaner shrimp

1-2 hermits

5-10 snails


Tell me what you think!


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Its the 28th... did it make it yet ?!?!? omgomgomg


I think you're going to need to do a lighting mod to it to keep the BTA... I dont know if 48w's will be enough for it. Don't know if youll need 2 cleaner shrimp in there with just the pair of clowns, other than that, its looking good. Are you planning on upgrading the stock pump to like a MJ900 or anything ??


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Yup! Safe and Sound. Petsolutions packed it really well, so it came in perfect shape. I will post pics later! :) :)


Pumps/ Light wise: I am going to add the powersweep- will this give it the needed flow? Lighting- I'd rather not mod it (it looks too nice) do you think it's necesary? I'll come up with a final stocking plan, then think about lights. I am sure I'll have questions

Thanks for the help.

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I dont think youll need to mod it if you knock the BTA off the list.... shrooms and some zoos will do fine under that amount of lighting I would think.

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Congrats on the tank. Gloves are a good idea but you will probably get tired of using them after a while and just opt to make sure your hands are good and clean before you handle the tank.


If you are considering modding the lighting you have two different options from naotuners for the 14. One being a 3.24 PC ligthing upgrade for three 24 w PC bulbs and the other is a 70 w MH. both upgrades will fit into your existing hood and will not ruin the look of the stock tank.


I have a BTA and I added the 3.24 upgrade but still haven't figured out the right lighting configuration yet. I have noticed that the BTA does well with just my blue actinic on, but once my 10k and 50/50 go on he seems to close up. So I may opt to go with two 50/50's and one actinic, or two actinitcs and one 10k, I haven't made up my mind yet.




Good luck with the tank.

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Maybe try putting on the 50/50 and the actinic- no 10k for a day or so and see what happens- at least then you can tell if its the 10k causing the problem.


Is the PC mod difficult to install?


Right now I have a 10k bulb and an actinic- is it worth getting 2- 50/50's, or is that just a waste?


Do you think I need a protein skimmer???

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Yeah I guess that is the way I should go about it, I haven't really put too much thought into it so I think I will do that. Thanks.


The mod was relative;y easy to install and still alows you to use the two swtiches on top. And if you have any questions regarding lighting Chris & Nick at nanotuners are really helpful.


Wouldn't two 50/50's be the same a one 10k and one actinic?


If you plan on keeping corals I would suggest using a protein skimmer. I have the NC12 from sapphire aquatics and it works really well. I did make the mistake of purchasing the Fission Nano skimmer at first though and found out the hard way that it was garbage. Kyle at sapphire is also a great help with any questions.




I know you are into kepping the clean look of the stock tank as well as I am, but I am definitely considering buying the HOB Fuge from sapphire once the 14" version is available. Unfourtunately I would have to cut the entire rear of the hood and remove the hinges for it to fit properly making the hood into a lift off hood. In the long run I think it would be worth it though.

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Pics as promised:

Sorry about the low quality-I'm using my camera phone for now. And my paint skillz are non-existent.

It's here!!!:



SEE how nice they packed it?:



It's alive!!!



Think this is a problem???!!!???



Up and ready to go.



The master plan!!!




I am new to S/W- can I skimp out on the Protein Skimmer for now and just use the Pura? (Cost is a big factor) Also- so I assume the sapphire PS fits in the 2nd chamber? How well does it work?


P.S. : I will post semi- finalized stocking plans soon + more pics. I hope to put some water in it soon!

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Have you already done a leak test with freshwater ?? Just would hate to have you get the SW and everything and have a leaky tank.... Fill it with FW and let it run overnight and make sure there are no leaks before you get ready to mod it and make it non-returnable... :)

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this is all looking good, i am excited to see how this turns out. good luck my friend

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Grink dude: Thanks- so am I!

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Socking Ideas (Tell me if you see any problems):


20 LBS of LR in a "U" shape with one very small island off to the side (This looks better to me than 2 islands)

20 LBS of bagged live sand








star polyps

toadstool leather




birds nest



Maybe a small BTA on its own little island



Maybe wedge a small one in there eventually??


Clean up crew:

Umm... 2-3 Hermits (what species?)

A crab (please suggest one)

2 shrimp (suggestions)

5-10 snails (w/e I like that are safe)

a sea star??? (suggestions)

Are sea cucumbers any good?



1- true A. Percula pair

1 Fire fish


WC's - Once a week ~ 2-3 gallons



coralife smorgusbord

Marine pellets/ flakes.


No protein skimmer (just lots a' pura pads replaced every 2-4 wks)


Stock 48 watts of lighting (1- 10k and 1- Actinic)

2 - 3/4 watt Moon LEDs


Filtration (see diagram)


Water movement (see diagram)


PARAMETERS (Hopefully!)

78 degrees

S/G 1.025

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrates: 0- 10 ppm

Calcium: 425- 450



Does this all look like a plausible set-up??


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I dont know about the birds nest, BTA, and I think definitely no to the clam unless you upgrade the lighting... I have the 144w mod in mine and I am TRYING a clam... I definitely wouldnt do it with stock lighting.


Other than that, it looks pretty good.... definitely do the stocking slowly to see what kind of bioload you get with that many fish and shrimp in a 14G. :)

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