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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

is this an asterina star?

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i've had him for 2 years now. he's bigger than most of the other asterina stars in my aquarium. approx the size of a silver dollar. he's usually a perfect cross. in the 2 years, he's never lost or regenerated any limbs.


he's feels like a stoney coral. very sharp, with a similar texture to a chocolate chip.

anyway, what do you think?






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Yes. If he has never split in two years than he is a freak of nature LOL!!

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are those bad? i once saw on on an acro and after it moved off, it left a patch a missing tissue, so now, i have a bunch in my tank and everytime i see one, i pluck it out. i got a harlequin for the sole purpose of eatting those little buggers...

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if you look at the last pic. you might be able to notice he's stuck to the side of a lowly browned out mushroom thats in the macro algae. (only one in the aquarium)


asterina star for the most part are reef safe, but they are opertunistic feeders. they can and will eat corals, if hungry.


yup this guy must be a freak, cause its never split. anybody else got an asterina star as large as a silver dollar?

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