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ya but i dont have a digital camera. *sigh*


i have a what i think is a toadstool leather frag, zoas, 2 but really 4 head hammer, huge mushie that im letting attach himself to a rock, awesome color morph mushie,i think devils hand leather, i think my GSP arent going to recover from my 5gs crash.


it looks good but i need to get a picture

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November FTS



November sandbed shot





Clarkii (sp?) hosting a Haitian Tip 'Nem pic1



Clarkii (sp?) hosting Haitian Tip 'Nem pic2



so far i have 2 leather frags, 2 muchrooms, a 4 headed hammer, zoos, small CUC and a clarkii and Haitian tip 'nem


*note that my tanks isnt bowing, these are crappy cell phone pics again

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i just have a NC6 and this, thats enought right? lol my 5g Oddyssea has turned into a Qtank

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almost identical, but i got these off of my sisters digital camera


November FTS



November sandbed shot



November, left side shot



November, right side shot



and a hammer close up, well kinda close up


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well long time no update, i finaly got my halide, 175w PFO mini


and my stocking list as of now is



2 false percs

1 Hi fin red banded goby, and his Tiger Pistol



1 tiger pistol

1 green maxima clam

5 nassarius

2 astreas

3 cerith

1 tonga turbo



1 Acropora frag (green) i think lol

1 Montipora Capricornis frag (orange)



4 Headed Hammer

1 bleached/ injured Open Brian

1 Large Flavia colony, (xmas colors)



ton of zoos-zoas

2 mushrooms

2 types of leathers


i will try to get piture before the new year, have a safe Xmas!!!!

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update, today i went to a LFS to get a couple of sexy shrimp for the nanocube6, but they where all sold out for the sale($5.99 a piece!), they had 3 when i called just 30 min before!. but the had some very nice GBTA that had some very pink tips, i picked up one for $25 for the false percs. and i got some shrooms and digitata frags,


man i need a new picture!

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i got some more SPS today from a local guy for cheap, i will get a picture soon, by tommorow

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it lives in darkness, i tore it down, it was hard to keep up with the pictures if you dont have a camera, i will post the pictures i got the day before i tore it down and put everything into the M-Tank 32. it was a fun tank but it had many limits (chamber only handled 200 GPH tops =(, stupid seio left marks on the acrilic if it touched, i never got a 14 or 20k bulb ive been waiting for, ect) i sold it to a friend of mine for real cheap, hes using it for a small softie reef.

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