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Mini Carpet Anemones


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Just wondering who all has a mini carpet anemone here?


What size tank do you have, how much lighting, are you feeding them, if so, what, and how often?


Also anyone having good luck with getting them to split pretty fast?



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A bunch of people did a group buy recently, may wanna check the classifieds and send a few PM questions as well :). My understanding is they are damn hardy and split real easy with or without food. I personally enjoy feeding my corals so I say feed feed feed! I hear even with just decent lighting they will still spread fairly fast. High range CF should serve them fine. They will move to get more lighting and if my understanding on them is correct they are fairly non aggressive. I know Adin was doing a dedicated tank for them instead of with other corals. He's the "obscure" anemone dude to ask if you ask me.

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Thanks for the info.


That is the impression I was getting, but just wanted to make sure.


Think 40w of PC on a 10g should get some pretty good spreading?

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I dont know how many I have they hide in the cracks and crevices in my tank. 150 watt MH over 20H and I dont feed them in this tank.

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I've got one under 150 MH over a 20L. It's right under the light, seems happy. It's probably 3-4" across. I feed it mysis once or twice a week.

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the few i can reach get fed cyclpeeze/mysis/krill twice a day (along with the other anemone species in that tank) and are under 150w mh. a couple of them crawled away and are in low light and aren't being directly fed. all of them seem to be doing fine. super easy anemones


40w + 10g would be great

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Does anyone have suggestions for good online venders for them? I am interested in trying one in the future but I am having trouble finding very many being offered.

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Only online dealer I know of is Fragglereef. Just keep an eye out and I'm sure you can get some from a fellow hobbyist when your ready. I went from none to buying eight in a few months.

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I now want one because they sound awesome! I am getting new lighting for my tank and am thinking of getting a CF 192watt for my 30g. Will this be enough for one of these anemones? If so, do they come in greens or yellows and how much do they usually cost?

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hi so the original one i sliced turned out fine but i totally forgot to take pictures so i did it again last night while i was making some zoo frags.


here's a picture from today




full size: http://www.nano-reef.com/gallery/data/500/DSCN7655.JPG


i threw the two halves (cut right through the mouth as you can see in the full size shot) into my refugium/rubble pit. they're both firmly attached and were orientated upward (one went in upside down). plucked them out for the shot.


so... if any of you were wondering, you can force them to split very easily and with very little down time.



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