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  • Christopher Marks

    Congratulations to Joeygo for being selected for our January Reef Profile! His 40 gallon nano reef shows the beautiful results of long term coral growth through patience and dedication. Below is the profile he's written for us sharing his experience in the hobby and his aquarium's progress over the past three years. Check it out and share your comments and questions in Joeygo's featured reef profile thread.


    Tank Specs

    Display: Visio 36x18x18 
    Biological Filtration: 2 in. sand bed, 60 lbs live rock, 50 lbs live sand
    Lighting: Hamilton 250w Metal Halide w/14k D/E bulb
    Protein Skimmer: Kent Marine Nautilus TE
    Controller: Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper Lite
    Heater: 100W
    Water Motion: Eco-Tech Vortech MP10, Koralia 2, Rio 2500 Return Pump 
    Filter Media: 200 micron filter sock, AC 50 w/carbon & GFO
    ATO: D.I.Y. auto top of using Aquahub dual float switch kit. 7g RO water container


    Established April, 2009

    Maintenance Routine

    I maintain these parameters by auto dosing with a Marine Magic triple doser 12X Daily. I also do weekly 3g water changes. Clean filters and refill RO water, Cal, Alk, MG weekly.


    • Salinity: 1.025
    • Temp: 77- 78.8
    • pH: 8.3
    • Calcium: 450
    • Alkalinity: 8 dKh
    • Magnesium: 1350

    SPS Corals

    • Vivid Purple Turaki
    • German Blue Polyp
    • Oregon Tort
    • Pearl of the Pacific
    • Setosa
    • Red Digitata 
    • Garf Bonzi Sunset Montipora
    • Montipora Confusa
    • Golden Birds Nest
    • Fuzzy Green Acro
    • Green Slimer
    • Red Planet 
    • Joe the Coral Blue
    • Tip Acropora
    • Rainbow Pocillopora 
    • Stylophora Pistillata
    • Pocillopora Eydouxi
    • Pink Lemonade 

    LPS & Soft Corals

    • Green Maze Brain
    • Duncan Coral
    • Blastomussa
    • GSP
    • Branching Hammer
    • Acans 
    • Trumpet coral


    • Tomato Clown
    • Six Line Wrasse 
    • Blue Eye Kole Tang 
    • Purple Firefish


    I started this tank in April 2009. I didn't have any real direction or goals in mind, I just wanted a reef tank with corals. As my tank matured so did my knowledge of reefing. One example is lighting. I started out with PC lighting, then switched to T-5, and now I have Metal Halide. As you can see I was evolving with the information and ideas I was getting from everyone. I started with some basic coral like Monti caps, Duncans, Branching Hammers. As my tank became more stable, I started to add more coral. I found inspiration in SPS dominated reefs that I saw here on Nano-Reef.com. All the colors and shapes had me in amazement. This gave me a direction to go in and a goal to achieve, by May 2010 I was on my way to an SPS dominated tank.

    As my corals grew so did the requirements. It got to a point that normal water changes couldn't keep up with the needs of the tank, so I started dosing Alk, Cal, and Mg. I did a lot of reading and decided to use Randy's two part mix. I started manual dosing and continued this way for a year. The dedication needed for daily dosing was becoming a burden, so in 2011 I added a Marine Magic doser. This doser set me free from the daily needs of my tank. 


    With all the information and advice I got on lighting, automation, and keeping stable parameters, I was able to create and maintain my reef and not let it control my life. Now my biggest problem is running out of room! If you look closely you will see that some corals have come and gone, and the rocks have been moved around a couple times. All of this is in a quest to gain more usable room. I'm still learning about water flow and lighting needs. As my coral grow larger, their needs keep changing. Plus there are battles being won and lost daily as they fight for space and light. Stay tuned for the outcome in what I call, MY ADVENTURE IN REEFING.

    Inspiration & Goals

    What most inspired me was the new reef keepers that had issues, problems, and faced the unknown. They were able to get help and advice from fellow hobbyists on N-R. As I read their threads and watched their progress, I learned of the willingness of others to help them succeed. Another inspiration is all the amazing tanks here on N-R, the endless colors and shapes. Each person on his or her own quest for a little slice of ocean, every tank beautiful in it's own way. As I watch them become successful, I know I can do it too.

    My main goal at this time is to grow out my colonies and strive for THAT COLOR. I still have a long way to go! I feel that with good husbandry and a better understanding of the needs of my tank, I'll be headed in the right direction.

    Disasters & Regrets

    I've not had any disasters, just mishaps. Refilling the ATO with R.O. water, for example. You start doing something else and forget about it, then you end up with a couple of gallons on the floor. Yeah, it's happened. Have the tank flow over because the overflow drain got clogged. This happened too! I like to refer to it as a learning adventure. When mistakes happen, you adjust and move forward. We all lose livestock at one time or another. Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. I have no regrets getting into this hobby, it's been great meeting new people and making friends.

    Words Of Wisdom

    • Patience: Don't rush and take your time. You are setting up and maintaining an eco-system.
    • Education: Learn how things work, What fish and corals need to survive, How to overcome certain problems.
    • Information: Talk to others and find out what works and what didn't. Rely on facts not opinions.

    Thoughts On Lighting Technology

    Today the big rave is LED lighting. Before that it was T-5. Before that, Metal Halide. What this the best? Depends on the application. I think that for a nano tank where heat is a big issue. LED lighting has its benefits. T-5 is also an option. There are a lot of successful tanks out there that use T-5, Metal Halide, and now LED. I don't feel any of these lighting options are the best, just different. At this time I'm using two different lighting systems. LED on my 20H and MH on my 40B. People ask me which I like the best, I always tell them "the one I'm looking at now". I like them both but for different reasons. Don't get caught up in other people's opinions, do your research. Go look at tanks. Understand your application. The best part is you can always change, I did.


    First I'd like to thank my brother Jim (Jim's  Exotic Fish - El Segundo CA). He supplied the equipment, materials, design, and vast knowledge to get me started. I would also like to thank my friends and fellow reefers for helping me maintain and grow my reef into what is now. Thanks Nano-Reef!



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    Thank you very much.


    I'd also like to thank everyone on Nano-Reef. This was my first tank and most of the information I got. Was from everyone here. I watched and read. All of this information was valuable in the success of my tank.


    Thank you so much :happy:

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    Gorgeous tank. It was funny I actually stumbled upon your tank before it got picked for this month, and I had refreshed the page and there it was! Awesome job.

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