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  2. OverCookedRock

    Came home to a noisy Mighty Jet 538gph

    I pulled it all apart and yeah the impellar plastic seems a little off causing some scraping on the motor. Most likely just a faulty one it happens. MarineDepot.com already approved my return for an exchange. Hopefully it has a quick turn around time. Using a slightly noisy sicce 1.5 which I use for salt mixing but it will do the trick for now. I think I'm the first one to have this issues because I Googled and there was nothing 😂 Only found: silent, quiet, dead silent, no noise from the pump. I guess Rip me 😂
  3. billygoat

    Fisker's 10 Gallon Macro Tank!

    Macros are weird with flow; some are super sensitive to having too much/too little, and many others just don't seem to care much either way at all. It really comes down to what exactly you want to keep. If you want to have gorgonians as well as macroalgae in your 29 gallon, you may well need a bit (possibly even quite a bit) more flow than just the Koralia 240 can provide. I'd say that once you have the 29 ready to go, start out with the 240 in there, play around with it, and see if it's able to elicit good polyp extension from your gorgs and also keep your macros clean and free of detritus. If not, maybe look for an upgrade.
  4. TheKingInYellow

    TheKingInYellows 50g custom blackout bare bottom

    I've made this as waterproof an area as I can with several coats of primer on the wall behind as well: And I realize I screwed up a bit, I drilled on the side of the brute without the handle but I measured everything with the handles facing out, so they don't sit nicely side by side anymore. Might have to rotate one or something but I just made my plumbing more difficult.
  5. 748S911

    748S911's "Undercover Janky" 2.5 pico reef OSPRC...

    Yea I'm sure there will be some die off inside the rock too. Maybe another tsp of zeolite crystals to help with the ammonia spike coming.
  6. MetaTank

    748S911's "Undercover Janky" 2.5 pico reef OSPRC...

    Probably be some die off inside the rock, all the pods and worms that took refuge deep inside the rock, only to die so far inside the rock that no amount of swishing and rinsing will flush them all out
  7. billygoat

    18g Caribbean Biotope - Six months old!🎉

    Thank you both! It's quite flattering to be placed in the same category as such masters of the craft as @Tamberav, that's for sure. Quite a lot to live up to! 😅 Biotopes certainly have their limitations, but to tell the truth that is part of the reason they appeal to me. I feel like the constraints of a biotope give the aquarist some structure, which can be beneficial. And stocking decisions are certainly a lot easier. There are only so many choices, when it comes down to it! 😁 I had the lid off to do some cleaning today and took the opportunity to grab a top-down shot. I like to take these every once in awhile to reflect on how everything is laid out and how things have changed over time. The slight growth of diatoms you see on the sandbed has become a daily occurrence in recent weeks. They bloom during the day and then die back at night. I believe this is because I was experimenting with increased lighting; I had the A80 dialed all the way up to 100% for awhile there. Certain things (gorgonians, coralline algae) seemed to enjoy the increased light, but I plan to turn it back down to 85% maximum intensity as that appears to work better overall.
  8. Christopher Marks

    Came home to a noisy Mighty Jet 538gph

    Have you popped the impeller out all the way? Sometimes the blades aren't well balanced or there's a little plastic tab still on one part.
  9. 748S911

    748S911's "Undercover Janky" 2.5 pico reef OSPRC...

    At least a week, after everything is stable. Actually I'm worried more about ammonia spikes with die off from sand bed more so than the bayer. It made It super easy to treat whole tank at 2.5 gallons and a back up system incase I need to hit the panic button 😂 😂 But so far soo good, no flatworms, and no other survivors.
  10. Oh my... I'm just biting my nails to see how this all turns out. I sure hope your rock doesn't leach the Bayer dip out for very long. How long are you going to wait before you put inverts & snails back in?
  11. Clown79

    Came home to a noisy Mighty Jet 538gph

    Maybe there is something wrong with that one. Mine were noisy in the beginning but have quieted down. It wasn't a grinding noise though, just loud till it broke in.
  12. Clown79

    Fishless cycle

    Weird that the nitrates dropped to 0.
  13. I have AI Prime light and im debating between the Reef Raft Polkaroo Lapastrea , or Reef raft spicy lemon Favia! any experience? do they grow fast? slow?
  14. Wendy

    Chad the Polyclad's Adventures

    Hey Chad, I caught your brother Brad over the weekend! He enjoyed a lovely freshwater bath after his snail meal 🙂
  15. Clown79

    Aqamai KPS

    I have 1 kps in a 25g with the return pump. The light looks cool. Haven't seen many users online
  16. Wendy

    Janky Tank on Tybee new pics. for June

    I have those flatworms too.. I just keep vacuuming them out & use paper towel pieces to swipe them off the glass. I'm not fustrated enough to do anything more radical right now, but check out 748S911's pico thread... He dipped his corals & live rock in Bayer today. I'm interested to see how his pico does over the next couple weeks.
  17. Today
  18. Sancho

    Krish's BioCube 16 Mixed Reef

    Every now and then it puts its sweepers out...some as long as 8 inches...it’ll kill any it touches. Your fine if you give it some space here’s a couple better shots.
  19. Krish87

    Krish's BioCube 16 Mixed Reef

    Oh boy!!! I have not encountered anything crazy yet. But you never know 😕
  20. kimdawg

    Janky Tank on Tybee new pics. for June

    I noticed a few of tan/brownish flatworms on some of my ricordea tonight. Does anybody have a suggestion on the best way to get rid of them in a stocked tank of this size?
  21. Sancho

    Krish's BioCube 16 Mixed Reef

    Here’s mine they can be nasty neighbors 😂
  22. Krish87

    Krish's BioCube 16 Mixed Reef

    So this Lobophyllia is an absolute favorite of mine! But I just happened to see this the other day, and I kinda got second thoughts LOL! 😄
  23. NaturallyKait

    Kait’s 13.5g Kiddo Tank - First fish!

    We’ll be getting regular ocellaris clowns, the tiny reefer likes Finding Dory and that’s what he wants for his tank. When I eventually set up my tank I’m getting black snowflakes though.
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