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  2. debbeach13

    Snow's 2.6G Little Monsters Picoreef - Coral Progress Pics

    Sorry about your back. Put off the WC if you need to. Many members couldn't get to there tanks on a regular basis with the pandemic and most did fine. A few days shouldn't have much of an affect at all. You don't want to make your back worse. Some people go every two weeks or more all the time. Have to take care of you first.
  3. NaturallyKait

    Royal Gramma - Stressed or Sick?

    Yeah, my concern is about access to the meds to treat being an issue with the Canadian laws. I didn’t know that converting back to fresh though would probably fix it, that’s actually really helpful. I might see if my LFS plans to get any black mollies in anytime soon. If it worked out it could be helpful to have an algae grazing fish in the tank.
  4. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's 2.6G Little Monsters Picoreef - Coral Progress Pics

    Second furan-2 dip went better today. I only dipped the corals for 10 mins, then rinsed it off very quickly in SW and placed them back in the pico. Zoa pox has partially destroyed half of this frag though: 😔 But my Red PEs seem to be bouncing back, so I think that colony should make a full recovery. 👍 Spotted Harvey up and about: Strained my back WCing my 70G FW tank yesterday, so I couldn't do any WCs or tank maintenance for any of the reeftanks today. The pico is due for a WC, and I was worried some of the corals would be unhappy without a proper WC for more than a week. But surprisingly, everything is *tentatively okay, and the montihat is still green - phew! 😅 : And Midnight still has Ich, but seems to be be less nippy towards my corals today: Will try to WC this tank tomorrow. 👍
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  6. Snow_Phoenix

    Snow's 60G Lair of the Dragons 🐉🐲

    Hungry cynarina with neon green tentacles: 😮 My bubble coral is developing more intense green stripes. 👍 : Pink yuma is now neon orange yuma: 😅 Thanos on watch (taken under heavy whites) : Icarus flaring his dorsal fin: Tank glass is very dirty and needs a scrape. Thought of picking up a yellow tipped neon GBTA for the reef, but I'm still giving it a lot of thought. Nem in concern is this one on the right of the pic - the left one is a premium ultra red: Pic credit to my LFS. 👍
  7. johnmaloney

    Unboxing vid for people who like those.

    Shoot me an email when you can and I can forward the tracking. It often ends up in spam.
  8. Tamberav

    Should I be worried? Silicone question

    Instead of the black rim you could get glass cut and sanded and eurobrace it for a cleaner look. It is tall so no way I would go rimless though.
  9. Tamberav

    Oversized Tank On Stand

    I would not do this with 4 inches. That is a lot of downward pressure on the edges of the glass where it is not supported and also on the silicone itself. You will receive no type of warranty. It could bust open any time. A proper stand is a small investment vs the cost of the livestock. If you can get a flat thick board or slab of counter top and attach it to the top of your stand to fix the dimensions but... You may be close to the 250 mark though depending how much live rock and sand you add. 20 lbs of salt water is about 175lbs plus the rock..sand... equipment.. and the weight of the glass tank itself.
  10. pmcgillbsa

    Fire shrimp injury/infection

    So my fire shrimp seems to be missing a half a plate of exoskeleton on his back. It seems to be an injury or maybe like a bacterial thing possibly. He seems perfectly fine and is moving and eating like nothing is wrong is there anyway to help him heal. Thank you for your help. Water parameters: Ammonia: 0, nitrites 0, pH 8.4, Nitrates: 0, temp 77-80F.
  11. Break

    Cheesesteak's 4G Pico

    And so it begins!
  12. Elizabeth94

    Oversized Tank On Stand

    Too much overhang imo. Best fitment would have all four corners on the stand. I imagine the stress may take a little bit before the tank would burst. So don’t assume it will work long term if you have it filled for a few days. Still, I never tried. I could be wrong. But I agree with above. Try extending the stand or go for something different.
  13. I scrubbed before picture... But back wall stays clean from cuc and the naughty tiny starfish. So far the asternias stars only eat debri and algae but they've been mad depleted from the shrimp. Overall I don't get much algae build. Much less now that I'm using t5s too!
  14. Tired

    Baby Brittle Star?...Add to tank?

    Micro brittles, yep. Beneficial detritivores. Can theoretically overpopulate if the tank is hugely overfed. You'll see them occasionally, in the form of little, segmented legs poking out of the rock for food. They don't tend to whole-body come out very often. People will buy those sometimes, so you can definitely call that a good guy. Hopefully you have more in there and they breed, or that pair is enough to get some established. I think a few species of starfish are hermaphroditic? If these aren't, you have a 50% chance of those two being a pair.
  15. Gotta put that donut coral on a diet. What do you use to clean your back wall? Iv been using a razorblade meant to clean glass stovetops. But I can’t reach behind my rock arms too big. Used a long handle blade which stunk. Your glass is so clean.
  16. Glauber Carvalho

    The Valley - My 36g reef dream

    This is what heppened when I put the other Clown and the Pseudocromis fridmani. Diatoms runned crazy for weeks! I think they're now understending that bacteria rules in there, and I'm starting to see my substrate back since last week. I think I'm starting to remember how to upload this pics! Sorry guys, It's not always that I take my DSRL to take best photos, sometimes I just hanging there like a statue in front of my reef tank, but I'll try to use the DSLR more often.
  17. Tired

    Oversized Tank On Stand

    Yes, it will put stress on the tank. Will it break? I don't know. If it does, it will probably do so fairly spectacularly, given that you're talking about a good 4 inches of overhang. If it was 1/4 inch, you'd probably be fine. 4, I seriously question. Consider thinking about ways you could extend the stand, in the back where people can't see it. Or trade it for another one. Or just go with the smaller tank.
  18. Glauber Carvalho

    The Valley - My 36g reef dream

    Then I brogth few corals, a clown and a neon goby. Diatoms started to show up. (Does everybody ever saw how diatoms are beautiful in every details😂?) I cut two Ricordea yuma in many pieces and made a mess trying to "glue" them where I wanted🤣 If every one agrees with that, I can show you later the Ricordea been cutted. And a small frag of GSP. Did I already say how I love this alga?
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  20. PiecesOfTheOcean.com

    P.O.T.O.'s Auction this week is 💯

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  21. I like the way you think! Yesterday I was thinking that I wished I had done something with tonga branches instead of stax rocks. I don't have any tonga branches, but I do have a lot of small rubble rock that could be glued together into some interesting shapes, and a fair amount of old dry rock. I may play around with just using the stax stuff for the base, where's it's not very visible, and then using other stuff on top where it shows.
  22. consider integrating a few Tonga branch pieces or something of that nature? That’s what I wound up doing and it adds a natural element imho..
  23. Elizabeth94

    The SEA-cret garden - starting a 40g breeder

    Fwiw, looks like normal hair algae judging from the latest picture. Im fighting some too after my refugium light gave out on me. Stinks but no biggie. I have a tuxedo urchin also but he won’t touch the long stuff. Gotta pluck it out by hand.
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