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  2. aaron4890

    30 gal. long simple reef

  3. sadie

    gone for one day and this happened...

    I will have to pick up a microscope somewhere. I wonder if there is an app for that 😜 This seems like the kinda problem that the quicker it's fixed, the quicker it gets fixed.
  4. From the OP's post, and IMO, folks systematically taking pictures of their tank without the lid is an example of this. Are they really running a tank without a lid? Are they just doing it for the photos? It's a misleading enough phenomena to generate this question thread! 😉 It's good to talk out loud and think about these things IMO. FYI, @eschaton, I have run all my saltwater tanks, and even most of my freshwater tanks with an open top. It's a myth that freshwater fish won't jump, but it's very infrequent IMO. In saltwater, to put it in a nutshell, the fish are a lot bigger and harder to provide an ideal environment for as a result. IMO that's the difference. Fish not in an ideal environment will jump. I think if saltwater folks had access to as many small fish as freshwater does, there would be a lot less jumping in saltwater tanks generally. For my part.... I had my old 37 Gallon for around 2-3 years and had only one fish, a 1" Sixline wrasse. He jumped almost exactly a month after being added. I can only say he was in a non-ideal environment....but in retrospect, it was just him, a bazillion pods, a few snails, and a Serpent Star. So I guess it could go down to tank size or something else, but blame the serpent star for night-hunting, which caused the jump. I added a 50 Breeder to that system around year 3 or so and over the next 7 years or so had a few Barnacle Blennies and Sexy Shrimp. Not many fish, all very small. And no jumpers, ever. I moved everything to my current 125 Gallon around a year ago and have had a Yellow Tang for around 6 months and some Black Mollies a little longer. There's a juvenile Black Damsel that I rescued too....he's not staying though. (Easy to say.) Also a Fire Shrimp and a Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, which share a cave. So far, no jumpers. If I add more fish, I can't imagine adding more than one or two, and the Yellow Tang should be the largest fish in the tank. Hopefully that Sixline will be my last jumper. (No more Serpent Stars!)
  5. RedPhotog

    Hunter's Waterbox 40.2

    I finally found a candy cane trumpet coral that is radioactive enough looking to add to my reef. Since I started this reef tank, I’ve always wanted a nuclear green trumpet coral, but I was never able to find one as green as Homer Simpson’s uranium stick from the power plant. Until today! I also picked up a cleaner shrimp who has already molted, and doing cool shrimp shit like hanging upside down n sitch.
  6. mitten_reef

    Mitten_reef’s IM30L

    Welp, here’s the new “general” direction of where the scape is heading. One big rock I picked up from LFS a while back will become the new centerpiece.
  7. A lot of rimless tanks have glass tops that sit within the top and are held in by clips. ADA and UNS have particularly nice clip designs for theirs. Could easily replicate these with a glass edge and a mesh insert for the center instead of an all glass cover.
  8. Reefkid88

    Sean’s Nuvo 14 Peninsula

    That is so weird your water level is so love in that chamber,have you messed with the settings on the return pump to try and get it leveled back out ? So you have a prime on your biocube as well too ?
  9. spectra

    Nanobox Hybrid - yellowing of splash shield

    So how are things going ? Any hardware stores local who could cut you a new piece ? Seems to me once the plastic has turned its junk. As for the screws take one to the local store and match them up........... I have a great store that sells all sorts of SS hardware............
  10. Reefkid88

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - Humming along

    How are ya bud ?
  11. ValerieR

    66 SCA Predator Reef build

    The cave in the 13.5 is bigger than I realized, but it's in the 66 now. I also moved the arched piece over with my 1st Duncan. It's acting like nothing happened already. One of my LFS just moved so I got a great deal on a big bubble coral... $30 for a large piece with 2 heads. Nobody knows where his new location is yet and he's still building tank racks, so he was in a wheeling and dealing mood. It's still pretty upset about being relocated, but we'll see how it's doing tomorrow and adjust the pumps accordingly. I fed Mocha before I moved the cave, and I'm glad I did, because he is NOT happy. He's acting like they're dangerous and staying well away from them. Slimy, in a new behavior, won't eat. Interesting. I'll keep trying. I'm sure he'll settle in. The tank still needs work, but it has the main components in it now. I feel like I need one more rock on the rear middle/right, but I'll wait to find the right one. Funny how fast these tanks feel too small...
  12. Today
  13. Erik13

    New tank set up

    I’m sorry I should’ve been more clear on that my daughter has the angelfish already but will upgrade them to the 80 the only thing that was in the 80 when I got it was the 2 clownfish and a bunch of live rock. I hope that cleared that up.
  14. Erik13

    New tank set up

    i Was given the 80 gallon with the clownfish but moved them and the rock to the 10 gallon so far they seem happy and active I’m really enjoying they little guys I’m already planning on upgrading the tank to something a little bit bigger
  15. Tamberav

    MrObscura's Nuvo 10 RAP Haul

    Nice pickups! All I grabbed was a gold torch but that was enough $$
  16. kurnn

    1.25 ltr pico jar

    Back to the past, found these old pics. This was my first pico in 2008, started at the end of 2007. It was 4 ltr capacity. The goniopora died because i was too eager to rise calcium level without knowing that it had direct impact on alkalinity level.
  17. mitten_reef

    Mitten_reef’s IM30L

    Some iPhone pics after cleaning the glass tonight.
  18. kimdawg

    SliceGolfer's IM Nuvo Fusion 20

    great pics, tank looks great!
  19. j.falk

    gone for one day and this happened...

    @Garf - What do you think? Those look like stringy chains to me...and I've never seen diatoms grow on top of coral before. Dinos, yes. Diatoms, no. @sadie - I still say you'd be better off checking under a microscope just to make sure.
  20. Amphrites

    MrObscura's Nuvo 10 RAP Haul

    Benereef is odd stuff, it really doesn't have much of an impact at all on PO4 or Nitrates lol, someone did a test and it contributed like 1/10 the phosphates of reef roids per-gram. I don't know if any animals besides that pig of a damsel in my tank much care for it either, it's supposed to have phyto, yeast, and all kinds of goodies to cover just about every base so I definitely feed it still, but I gotta' say I'm way-past iffy about the product.
  21. sadie

    gone for one day and this happened...

    When I tried to suck up some sand with algae, I put it in a little mason jar. It didn't look like there was anything but a few grains of sand. I just looked and saw this stuff. 😬 Does this mean it's dinos?
  22. j.falk

    gone for one day and this happened...

    Dust would be diatoms then...never seen diatoms grow on corals before. Interesting.
  23. nano-mex

    Bulkhead size.

    Ok so I would need a half once bulkheads for each hole?
  24. We have a resident! Not winning any awards with my photography skills, but here he is!
  25. sean86114

    Sean’s Nuvo 14 Peninsula

    Aight, got a little bored so decided to take the prime HD And my mini mame skimmer from my biocube into the peninsula. Running into some problems with the skimmer, water level on chamber 2 or 3 is very low picture #3 (based on gravity the gunk won’t go up into the collection cup so I had to put it on the display for now pic #4, is cool to watch it for a while but I know I won’t like it permanently in my display.
  26. Fishey fishay

    Fish Tank

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