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  2. 4x5

    Would you frag it?

    It looks beautiful. Another vote to leave it.
  3. I don't trust Pintrest for anything. There are quite a few good recipes if you look, Facebook has quite a few by larger interests. Import food has some good Thai stuff, they have a yellow curry that's off the hook good. This says it's spicy, but it has about a 3 on the heat scale, even M likes it so it's not hot. We marinate the chicken over night, then cook the chicken in the Instapot for 30 mins, then another 15 with the rice. It's fall off the bone tender and has a great flavour. https://importfood.com/products/thai-spices/item/thai-spicy-chicken-in-rice-seasoning
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  5. 4x5

    Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    I never had MP40s 🙂 I currently run a couple of Tunzes and a Glamorca Gyre (or whatever it's called) - the reason was just to test it on a longer tank given the price point - the flow is pretty good I must say.
  6. banasophia

    Would you frag it?

    Looks great, I’d leave it for now. I have one about like yours, plus some Xenia around the same size...just threw some Caribsea rubble rock pieces in the back corner of my tank to cure so I can attach frags when it comes time to frag them.
  7. Late night water change, anyone else still around?
  8. fulltang

    Low Maintenance First Tank - Questions

    Gotcha! I've narrowed it down to the Fluval 13.5, IM10 and IM14 as it seems the water change amount will be roughly the same for all. Is there any clear winner between these in regards to design and aftermarket? It'll be going in a corner if that matters.
  9. Variant

    Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Your latest FTS looks like you got rid of the MP40s in favor of a gyre. Any reason you changed things up and how you like the gyre better or worse?
  10. Ranjib


    Current fts Close up Ridordia is still going strong, I think it’s stinging the nearby zoas I have glued a green acro frag to check the water . My apartment move is coming later this month , I am planning to do some serious changes soon after the move ,in next apartment. I want to change the tank, I don’t like this form factor , particularly the corner rims. I am thinking changing it with imagitarium 3.7 g or waterbox 4g .
  11. Wonderboy

    Ten Gallon Nano

    Thanks @Christopher Marks - it was around 12 AM that I decided I wanted to put this up (like right then and there - REALLY wanted some more room for coral), so I made do with what I had, again. I am using a HOB filter (no media) just to house one rock and a submersible pump. This pump moves water from the HOB filter to the refugium. To maintain plenty flow from the HOB filter back to the tank, the supply to the refugium is regulated with a ball valve. From there, I went with some kind of herbie overflow that allows the water to go straight back down to the opposite, rear corner from which it came. The first (lower) standpipe often creates a small whirlpool and injects air bubbles into the display, but luckily it is noiseless, so I think I am going to leave it as is. The HOB filter intake is wrapped with polyester filter held in place wih a PVC ring to prevent micro organism casualties at the two following propeller sites. Contained sand, mud, chaeto, and rocks in the refugium; implemented a funnel in the lid - going with manual top offs for now. I'll take a few closer shots when I can, but remember that I just used overstock plumbing and stuff that I had in storage, so try not to laugh too much when you see it lol.
  12. Clown79

    Low Maintenance First Tank - Questions

    Mine is really quiet. I don't hear any notice from it, maybe a tiny bit of water trickle noise but that will happen with tanks. It's a simple set up. I upgraded the pump and use no powerhead. I have a heater, inkbird controller for the heater, media basket, and light. That's it. I manually top up but if you want little maintenance an ato will be required. Not sure how loud those are.
  13. Clown79


    Corals can take a while to start reacting. After reading your tank thread, there are a lot of possibilities for the fish loss. Too many fish is the first thing. Territory is an issue. A young tank with that many fish is another. It's hard to tell what rocks you have in the tank. Do you know what rock you used because it is an important factor in biological filtration. Lack of maintenance is another issue and tap water use. The screw being lost in the tank is a concern. It could be leaching something into the water. The tank is fixable but it will take work. a lot of good advice was given by many in the previous thread.
  14. Ranjib


    Current fts close up green plays are growing faster than most other corals. I glued another sps frag (a green acropora from my biocube) to check how it does . The sexy shrimp is already nipping at it 😞 . my apartment move is coming late this month I am thinking if I should change anything (rockscape etc) as part of the move or keep the tank as it is. I like how it looks , but i also want to grow some harder corals ....
  15. Clown79

    Stange brown water and mysterious fish death

    Theres a few things that can be changed to make this tank successful and far less complicated and frustrating for you. In a 55g, there was too many fish in it which leads to high nutrient levels and aggression. This may not be apparent now but will be in the near future. Everyone has already covered the tap water issue. Distilled can be purchased in most stores for $1.00. There are also places where you can buy the 18L bottles and return the empties for full ones and for a 55g that's your best bet until you get an rodi unit. I had crushed coral, it has buffering abilities. It was always used in the past but became unpopular due to it being a detritus trap. It needs regular vacuuming to prevent issues. I personally don't think the hermits are an issue. I have 5+ in a 25g. If anything they help clean crap up. To turn the tank around Weekly 10-20% waterchanges with distilled or rodi water. Mix your salt water yourself with a heater and powerhead. Ensure the salinity and temp match the tank. Top up daily evaporation with rodi or distilled. Make a discreet mark on the tank to ensure you are topping up to the same level every day. Filtration. I would not use stock filter media. Using filter floss and carbon is a good idea. Both can be purchased in bulk. Cut floss to size and change twice a week, put carbon in media bags and replace carbon every 2 weeks. During waterchanges vacuum the crushed coral, use a new Turkey baster on the rocks, scrape glass. Every other week, suck up food/detritus in the filter and every 2 mnths, clean it out completely. Dirty pumps are inefficient Add another powerhead, 1 isn't enough in a 55g. Reduce fish count. Good luck
  16. Ranjib

    Ryan's BC 29G

    Thank you . Almost all my techniques are leaned from here 🙂
  17. fulltang

    Low Maintenance First Tank - Questions

    I have been browsing the IM 10g thread, there's a lot to absorb there 🙂 How quiet is your 10g? It's hard to get a sense for how loud these little tanks are as most videos I've found have music or a ton of voiceover.
  18. 4x5

    Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Smiz! How are you? Thanks. Yah they are cute man.
  19. Clown79

    Would you frag it?

    I'd leave it, it looks good. Its not very big.
  20. Clown79

    DIY leveling mat

    Yoga mat is often used and cheap
  21. Clown79

    What is attacthed to my coral?

    That's one of the best ways to frag a leather. Nothing to be concerned about.
  22. Clown79

    Early Christmas....

    It says it's used and making vibration noise. There is also no returns.
  23. Clown79

    Low Maintenance First Tank - Questions

    There are tons of builds on here for 10g aio. You can do a search and probably spend days going through them. Lol. There is an Innovative marine thread on here with a lot of 10g tanks.
  24. fulltang

    Low Maintenance First Tank - Questions

    Understood, I've decided against keeping the tank inside the cabinet. I'll likely be replacing it with something more substantial given the weight of the tank. Do you happen to know of a particular tank/journal that might fit the bill, or might be a source of inspiration for my goals? I appreciate the help.
  25. Clown79

    Low Maintenance First Tank - Questions

    If you want an easy set up that requires less maintenance, sticking with softies is the way to go. Lps will require frequent testing and then eventually dosing alk and ca as they consume both. Alk stability is very essential to LPS. Most Gorgs need regular feeding which can lead to higher nutrients. Any stand you choose will need to be able to withstand the weight of the tank. Water is 8lbs/gallon plus sand and rocks. Good ventilation is needed as well. Another thing is lighting. There needs to be room for the light and ventilation for it. Also a main consideration is how difficult will it be to do maintenance on the tank like removing media, doing waterchanges, vacuuming sand, vacuuming the back chambers, etc. Consider this with the location of the tank.
  26. Lugmos12

    1st Marine Reef EVO - new growth pics!

    Some new tank shots:
  27. Andreww

    Early Christmas....

    Yeah it looks like a used item. I still think the price isn’t bad considering it’s the wireless version but not a steal by any means.
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