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  2. Firefish15

    Fire dart fish not doing good

    Probably not worth it for one pack of frozen food! You could always call and see if they carry it.
  3. Grimes


    I find with the Hanna tester that it needs decent light to work well, it will sit on C1 - - - for ages before moving to C2 or erroring in low light
  4. Grimes

    Capture's Waterbox 10 - here we go again.

    I've ordered the Nero 3 can't wait to get it wet
  5. Abzdot

    Fire dart fish not doing good

    I’ll have a look when I go there again, the only downside of my lfs is it’s around 10 miles one way
  6. Firefish15

    Getting ready to buy my first new AIO in 9 years

    I got my car for less than that. 😂
  7. Anthony2.0

    Live rock ID

    Ok thank you for helping me out
  8. Firefish15

    Fire dart fish not doing good

    I’d recommend getting some really nice frozen food. If your LFS carries LRS Reef Frenzy Nano, that’s a great one. Blend of a bunch of different sea animals. Feeds corals as well.
  9. paulsz

    Anyone ever deal with coolia?

    they've been like that for a few months. Tank started in April, had other strains of dinos in June/July, so i raised the nutrients and it got rid of them. I dose Seachem Nitrogen and Phosphorus to get there. Otherwise they'd be both at 0. I'll leave it as is since no snails are dying and the corals are doing okay. I'll try and grab a vid under the microscope later today. Thanks!
  10. Pbalz


    I tested 3 days in a row everything stable and phosphates at .04 and nitrates at .8 so I think with the Hanna phosphates test I made a mistake for the high test your supposed to hold down the button to start timer I just pressed it and that was my mistake Is .04 high enough for phosphates
  11. Today
  12. Nano_Addict

    Cycling Dry Rock with Bacteria in a Bottle

    Appreciate the reply. I did end up doing some research on Brightwell's site and ended up deciding to give their dry rock starter package a try since it's specifically meant to work together. I guess I did leave out some detail, the tank is 50 gallon (actual volume ~39 gallon) and I do plan to keep coral in the future, probably several months from now after I get through the ugly stage and the fish have been in for a little while.
  13. Abzdot

    Fire dart fish not doing good

    Currently I’m feeding vitalis platinum marine flakes some days and other days I’ll feed some frozen brine shrimp, however, I haven’t actual had a chance to feed him but I did plop some near his hidy hole
  14. j-dubs


    i have heard basically one fish at a time and the least aggressive first. Do you think it would be better to invest in a quarantine tank. and what size tank for quarantine as well as will i have to cycle it to? how long do fish need to quarantine for.
  15. Bluereefer

    Can anyone ID this mushroom type?

    Thank you!
  16. Firefish15

    Fire dart fish not doing good

    Fire fish can be quite timid. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see a lot of him for the first week. He’ll probably find a burrow or hole in the rocks. What are you feeding?
  17. mfield16

    Fuge or Skimmer in an IM Nuvo 20?

    When I had my fusion 20, the fuge never took off. Brittle, broken chaeto all over. I also had a Ghost Skimmer that was super finicky. Heavy bio-load, so I assumed I could use both. I think with time and a more established tank the fuge would've been fine. I'm running both in my fusion 40 and getting great skim and trimming chaeto monthly or less.
  18. debbeach13

    CenCal's 20L Shallow Reef Revamp: Update 11/11

    That's good news about the pocillopora. I hope you can beat down the dino's.
  19. mfield16

    Amino Acid's

    I use RedSea AB+ daily and don't have any issues currently.
  20. mfield16

    Drew's 37 Gallon Reef "Super Basic"

    Throw a ping-pong 🏓 table top on that pool table and I'm in!
  21. Abzdot

    Fire dart fish not doing good

    Hi all! He’s doing better than before, however, he’s really shy at the moment and doesn’t seem interested in eating yet, should I give him few more days to acclimate or should I be concerned? First pic was when I put him in the tank and second was around 30 mins after himself being in he tank
  22. dling

    Amino Acid's

    A hair type. Growing on rocks and snails. Also a red dino on the sand..Started using Vibrant. Seem to be working on both.
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