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  2. jbb_00

    new banggai cardinal fish not eating what I have

    Mine eats the LRS reef frenzy but only if it's the nano pack. I think the size of food in the regular pack might be too large and so they spit it back out. I don't know for sure, just what I have observed.
  3. OverCookedRock

    29 gallon: R.E.E.F Tank

    IMO a bunch of expensive test kits are not what you need. I don't own and test kit nor do I take my water in. Just saying... You don't even have enough coral to really be worrying about all the minerals and nutrients. Idk test kits seem like a waste right now...
  4. jservedio

    Radions - OK without Reef Link? Advice Needed

    I prefer the opposite actually - once everything is set up properly, I just leave it. When I got my lights, ReefLink wasn't available (the original XR30 Pro), I got them set up, acclimated the coral that was already in the tank, and it hasn't been touched in probably 5 years when I installed the wide angle lenses. The only pain without ReefLink (and this may have changed with newer firmware on the lights) is that they don't adjust for daylight savings unless I re-program them. However, my reef just doesn't observe daylight savings time. Both my current MP10s have reeflink, and I've never once used it.
  5. Hannahhhh

    Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Quick update!!!

    I love my pom pom! He’s hilarious when I go to feed, he comes running out waving his pom poms and demanding food. They’re little, so in a bigger tank they might be hard to appreciate, but I think in yours you would get a lot of enjoyment out of it! (I have a funny video of mine posted in my tank thread if you want to check it out)
  6. Firefish15

    Snow's 60G Marine Megano

    Wow, this has been a bumpy ride for you! How has your livestock been doing in the tubs? Have you leak-tested and leveled it already?
  7. Tamberav

    29 gallon: R.E.E.F Tank

    I have never tested iodine or strontium in my life....what. why? Just do weekly water change. What brand of salt do you use? 380ca is still a normal range...just lower end of normal. Since he used API it may not even be accurate test. I have a po4 kit but wouldn't say it's terribly important...I rarely use it. If you have pest algae algae than you have excess nutrients.
  8. pricewayne

    pynk pico

  9. FISHnChix

    new banggai cardinal fish not eating what I have

    I got one and thought it would eat pellets or flake.. wrong.. mine only eats frozen mysis
  10. seabass

    apex probe storage

  11. billygoat

    18g Caribbean biotope community

    My RedSea phosphate test came in, and my aquarium appears to be running at undetectable levels. Tested my RO bucket too; also undetectable. Now this doesn't mean that nothing in my tank is leaching phos, since it could simply be used up as quickly as it becomes available. But at least it seems to confirm that my RO water is not contaminated with organic nutrients. I did a massive manual cleaning of my sandbed yesterday right before the lights turned off, and will be performing a fairly large water change today, so we'll see if that has any impact on cyano growth. Edit: Also, Alk is low; around 5 dKH. I will retest after my water change and see how it looks. I may have to perform several large water changes this week to get it back up to where I want it. Raising Alk will almost certainly help with cyano, I think.
  12. debbeach13

    new banggai cardinal fish not eating what I have

    They are the only fish in a 20 gallon tank. I consider it a QT/ grow out tank. Set up to make my other tank less crowded. Since mid Jan. it has live rock/sand a few zoa's, a baby toadstool, a couple mushrooms, Kenya tree, and xenia along with 4 snails. Temp 77, SG 1.025, NO3 0, PO4 .25, CA 400, KH 8, I think I want to get some BBS or Pod's before waiting a whole week. I have not used live black worms before if I make the trip to a LFS several about 40-45 min.'s from home I will ask about them.
  13. phobos2deimos

    New Macro species?

  14. Clown79

    pH issues suddenly

    100% stability is the key. I found when using high alk salt, my corals were not pleased, I lost some sps too so I switched back to one that fell in between 8-9. I test alk 2 times a week just to ensure it's in check.
  15. Clown79


    Lmao! That's the only cure. In my 25g what worked was dosing copepods and phyto, while sucking out the dino every night through floss and returning water to tank. No waterchanges for over a month. In 2 weeks the dino's were gone.
  16. This guy is extra salty

    DIY acrylic old school V2.501 contest build

    Thanks! 🙏 Lol 😂 I know I’m kind of tempted to do an all acrylic coral tank. But that would be very tedious, and consume a lot of my time 😩
  17. Tigahboy

    DIY acrylic old school V2.501 contest build

    O.M.G. That dino head is amazing! Like do you really want to muck up all this amazing acrylic work with real coral??? LOL.
  18. This guy is extra salty


    They are it’s like too bad there isn’t a cure all for all reef tank problems, it’s called don’t get a reef tank. Lol
  19. Today
  20. fishfreak0114

    Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Quick update!!!

    I loved the anemone shrimp I used to have but I think sexies could be fun! Yep, definitely want sexies now. Hopefully the trip is a go. It is about three hours drive to the furthest store.
  21. Humblefish

    new banggai cardinal fish not eating what I have

    ^^ Agree; if they still aren't eating after a week or so, you have a problem.
  22. righttirefire

    Project: Caribbean Lagoon

    The aquatic species... Sorry William I havent spent a lot of time looking into that. Its a basher, mostly green with a blue underbelly. Sounds like uncle @spectra is going to come get it this weekend. I'll be divorce country if i set up another tank. And it cant stay in the lagoon. It would be banished to the sump of my 20 or given to LFS, or rehomed locally.
  23. JTfromthe313

    Back into the Reefer game

    Thank you. I will be doing a mixed reef. Just a few SPS though. I prefer the movement of LPS and soft corals. I will also try for a Zoa garden....... We shall see how it goes. Fingers crossed.
  24. SeaFurn

    Lost Ponies of Atlantis Pico

    Dwarf seahorses take a vacation! I love it! Love reading about your thought process/analysis. This is going to be so interesting to follow.
  25. EthanPhillyCheesesteak

    29 gallon: R.E.E.F Tank

    This test kit only comes with calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity tests. Is it really important right now to get an iodine test kit, strontium, and phosphate? I’ll get one, but I’m wondering if it’s of utter most importance.
  26. EthanPhillyCheesesteak

    29 gallon: R.E.E.F Tank

    The weird thing I didn’t understand tho was that my LFS said that my alkalinity was where it was supposed to be? But he was using a api test kit, so he could’ve been wrong on the alkalinity or the calcium.
  27. Oldsalt01

    new banggai cardinal fish not eating what I have

    Are they in QT? Live Black worms are a go-to alternative to get them eating, if available in your area. I've had good luck with them for fish that won't eat anything else. It's only been 48 hrs, so the Banggai may still just be acclimating to new digs and shipping stress. Give them a few days, but live Brine may be an alternative also. Hope this helps.
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