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  2. Lorenz725

    Rascal the cat’s 5 gallon 365 day AIO Challenge

    Not much to update. Still waiting on my heater to get here before I will add water to the tank. I was able to barrow a PAR meter from a buddy to check my light. The tank came with a 8.3W led light and puts off about 50 PAR so should be enough to get me started with some zoas and shrooms. Still trying to decide on my rock scape.
  3. debbeach13

    Banasophia’s Biocube 32 - DragonReef 🐉

    I love them. Can they have their own rock?
  4. spectra

    365 Day All-in-One Nano Reef Challenge 🏁

    2 days left.....................thinking.....................
  5. debbeach13

    365 day challenge: softies and LPS

    Nice tank. Good luck with it and the contest.
  6. Luke78

    Luke's 20 Gallon Simple Reef Tank

    No, its a brown/yellowish tint.
  7. cosmicbread

    Cosmicbread’s Lagoon

    It was doing fabulously until I dropped a book shelf on it and cracked the corner. luckily, I was already planning on moving to the larger tank. Had water up to temp and everything. But the actual move ended up quite a bit hastier than I had wanted. No losses, save for the beautiful glass tank. Ultimately I decided I wanted more room, and this larger tank is now displayed in a common area which is making the housemates happy 🙂
  8. Lorenz725

    Concept Glass Abyss Panorama 20g AIO Aquarium

    Finally got some updated pics. Really just moved stuff around and added some sps. Scary thing is both tanks are getting full.
  9. mitten_reef

    Cosmicbread’s Lagoon

    Sorry, what happened to the 12G one? It looked like it was going so well.
  10. debbeach13

    365 Day Challenge - Jerad81's 20g Newbie Build

    The waiting game. I forget did you pick a theme for this tank?
  11. debbeach13

    Tamberav's pico in 365 - the ocean has arrived!

    cool. I wonder if he will be easy or hard to see. I guess it will depend on where he is or what coral he is next to. Do you know much about where he comes from and his habitat?
  12. cosmicbread

    Cosmicbread’s Lagoon

    This tank contains the inhabitants of my 12g (RIP), plus some additional aqua-cultured rock that was added last night. I am doing large water changes every day and monitoring for ammonia. Goals for the new system are much the same as the short-lived 12g, but less mud 😅 I’m experimenting with macros, softies, gorgs, and some LPS. Specs: IM NUVO Fusion Lagoon 25 Homemade steel stand AI Prime HD Tunze osmolator x2 75w Neotherm heaters IM media caddy (stuffed with floss for the moment) (soon) x1 KPS Aqamai wavemaker Macros: coming soon Livestock: coming soon Corals: coming soon In order below — 1. tank when first wet; 2. elegant new sargassum; 3. hitchhiker rose coral already regaining flesh; 4. current FTS with preliminary scape, a bit cloudy with some sand stirred. Gonna move stuff around a bit more when I plop more sand in here tomorrow. Will probably end up culling a rock or two for the pest pico. 🍻
  13. Yesterday
  14. Tnwolf

    Decap BBS Storage

    Hey guys. I am starting a 5g dwarf seahorse tank and I am having brine shrimp problems. I am able to decap the shrimp but I can not find proper storage info. Can someone help me on how the best way to store decap eggs and how long they last? Thanks. Richard
  15. In the pictures I quoted omg the spectrum looks perfect. They look so much like the prime,bit better lol. I did always want one though. But I fancy building my own lights lol.
  16. jcieutat

    Fishless cycling question

    I went ahead and added more ammonia. The Dr. Tim's Aquatics printout I have that allows you to record the levels has the tank cycled at day 9 once the ammonia and nitrites are gone. I thought I got it off their site but maybe it's dated. Here's to more testing! Thanks again for the replies. Like I stated initially, there is so much misinformation it is nice to hear from people who have actually cycled an aquarium this way.
  17. banasophia

    Banasophia’s Biocube 32 - DragonReef 🐉

    Also, I’m worried the cloves could get a little crazy in this tank, and they are starting to try to spread... what do you guys think... should I move them to another tank?
  18. seabass

    365 day challenge: softies and LPS

    Excellent choice for your first tank. Good luck!
  19. Nano sapiens

    Nano Sapiens 12g - Ye Olde Mixed Reef

    Great and unusual fish for a reef tank. A few caveats though: They will find or make a burrow and tend to stay hidden during the day (will come out for food, eat for a few minutes, then back to the cave). They will come out and forage at night, so turning lights on all of a sudden will make them real skittish and likely jump. Eat everything, so a small tank will soon be devoid of pods, worms, collunista snails. Etc. (including Bristleworms). They have a whole lot of extra vertebrae for extreme lateral manueverability, so they can literally make a 180 degree turn on a dime (so cool). I didn't see any aggressive behavior towards any of my smaller nano fish, but I suppose something like a real small Eviota might be on the menu. I had mine for over a year. Due to larger size than most nano gobies and slower lifestyle, I would take a guess at maybe a 5 year or more lifespan. Those huge pectoral fins are likely used to corral swarms of benthic organisms like copepods and such. And ladtly, they have a huge range from Australia up to Taiwan (salt & brackish), so they are very adaptable.
  20. seabass

    Peaches' 365 AIO Challenge, DIY Reef

    Nice tank; looking forward to your DIY projects.
  21. seabass

    365 Day All-in-One Nano Reef Challenge 🏁

    My entry: https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/410904-seabasss-20l-diy-aio-365-day-chlg/
  22. This is my first ever reef tank : Tank: innovative marine peninsula 20 heater:TBD wavemaker: hydor nano koralia 500 gallon light: current USA orbit marine this is pretty much it for now. got a friend in the hobby that is going to give RODI water
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