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  2. I had 2 in my 14g. One decided it was the dominant and repeatedly tore the other’s dorsal fin off. It would re-grow but at a certain length would get ripped off again. I got tired of it all and traded both to my LFS for a Starry Blennie. And I thought Firefish were docile! Silly me.
  3. That pic is t3i with 18-55 kit lens . Going to play with the 50mm this weekend. I finally picked up a remote shutter device and a much more stable tripod than what I had before, hopefully those things will help a little bit. I think my main problem is not truly understanding camera settings as I haven't really read much into it so it looks like I have some work to do.
  4. Haha, it's pretty new to be bored already. However, the tank looks good. It's a personal thing of mine, but I like some space between the glass and corals (or rock). It's easier to clean, better flow, and I like the look. If you want more space, you might take out some rock (or break some off). Sure, trade those corals for ones you like more. IDK, Duncans are super easy corals to keep, if you like them.
  5. Hopefully a “pest” coral tank or just a tank of leathers and maybe some palys
  6. Great to see the zoanthids settling in so well! What camera are you using with the gel filter? This tiny tank might require a tripod to shoot with a narrower aperture like f/8+ to capture the full depth of field. Little tanks are so much harder to photograph, it's true!
  7. What are your plans for this one @9darlingcalvi?
  8. I've only had it for a few days. It was all over the place the first evening but has been hiding since then. It seems like it often is out then hides when I come in the room. I'm hoping it's still warming up to things! I've heard of some that are hiding constantly and some that are always out and about, so it probably could go either way. I'm curious if there's anything that encourages it to come out more, like not having any other fish, or maybe having fish that are out and build it's confidence, etc.
  9. Atleast hes got a place for the crabs. And I mean that in both the fishtank way.... and the other way. You all good?
  10. pgrVII

    The Goon

    So I've definitely noticed small growth in the acropora I got,and the Fairy Tale zoas have 3 new heads! The liams cloves also have a few new stalks started!
  11. Hello, beginner here to this hobby. Had my clown in QT for 3 weeks and has been in my tank for 1 week. Noticed this red mark on him. He has been eating. All of my parameters are fine and he has been eating. Just noticed the mark on him a few days ago. Need help identifying and if I need to take action. The red blemish is on the lower part of face on the white marking. The mark has not spread or got worse. Tank has been cycled for about 4 weeks now . While in QT medicated with General Cure only.
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  13. So it’s pretty much just to be prepared to know what exactly is out of whack if (and when) something goes awry, got it 👍 thanks again
  14. Asterina. I don’t have any issues with them.
  15. Not for a single camera setup since it has to be zoomed out to get half the tank to catch the action, but if I use a second camera, I can get only the MP10 in the frame of the second camera, blur the focus, and set a fairly low threshold to capture motion. If motion is detected in camera 2, it would save the buffer from both cameras and store the next x number of seconds. Pain in the ass to capture something I am hoping other people have experience with :-)
  16. I went to the LFS yesterday to get some Cerith snails to help in my green cyano battle. I picked up 6 snails and they go to work when the lights are out. I was watching them last night and noticed what looked like a baby starfish. It is odd looking and this morning it was on the bottom of a frag plug just laying down. It has three stubby legs and then 3 longer legs? Anyone know what it is? I would like to keep it if it’s not going to cause problems.
  17. I don't think motion triggered will work well in your situation.
  18. Of course, but it's only maybe 5 seconds of action. Even at 60x, it's still going to be 15 minutes to go just through the daytime footage, and what I'm looking for will be a quick blink on the screen and show up for maybe 3 frames. I'll record an hour or two and hope I get lucky! If I don't get it easily, I have a second camera that I put up super close in front of the MP10 and use that to trigger recording of both cameras. But that's a lot of work to get video of something other people may have also experienced! They are pretty popular fish, so I'm sure others have seen similar things.
  19. I ran my 15g with the following. I like my systems simple. Seachrm tidal 55- filter floss, kent carbon, purigen AI Prime Eheim jagger heater and inkbird controlled Sicce 530 powerhead Vacuuming sand weekly is a good habit. Stirring it in between waterchanges is another good habit. Turkey baster is a must. Most of us blast our rocks before waterchange and in the middle of the week. You can get them anywhere. Dollar store, walmart.
  20. how many colors do the AI Prime HD, Nano Box Tide (& Mini) and Kessill have vs these cheaper alternatives off of Amazon?
  21. Ya, its 165w. Many hobbiests use them on sps tanks. Do a Google search on those specific lights. Even with the AI Prime, your sps will need to be up high in the tank and near the middle.
  22. you can accelerate video multiple times to help you go 'through' it quicker and find the activity you're trying to catch. ;)
  23. what about the hydor flo nozzle. Would that work in these tanks?
  24. regarding the Kessil...they're not as powerful and have a much smaller light spread than the AI Prime HD or the Nano Box Tide, so you'd need a couple.
  25. Its 165 watts, it most likely will need to be dimmed. The prime isn't 165 watts. The prime has more controllability, has the name behind, If you want powerful with all the bells and whistles, you can't get that for cheap and Radion is still the top light. Do research on the various lights used by various hobbiests.
  26. well...if you have a quarantine tank, never hurts to use precaution. especially if you have a well populated tank. the cost of being too rash could be high...
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