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  2. banasophia

    Neon goby breeding signs?

    I’m not sure if the two types can breed, but cool if they do… I had a mated pair of neon gobies in my Evo 5 and they used to spawn every two weeks like clockwork… the babies never survived after hatching though.
  3. Aqua Splendor

    Monthly Reef Profile (TOTM) Nominations

    @Sharbuckle Has indeed a pretty solide tank! Eh.
  4. mitten_reef

    My Bonsai Reef

    glad to see this is still running - to me, it looked a lot like you were using this same tank for the macro algae project.
  5. I’m so sorry to hear this happened. If you can get some, I would add a small bottle of BioSpira, I think it’s more reliable than Colony. I haven’t heard of it being a common problem with people getting bacterial blooms with BioSpira, but maybe do some research on this first… I've always been told you can’t really overdose with it and it’s designed to be added along with fish… if it was my tank that’s what I would add in this situation, and I would also have Prime on hand to detoxify ammonia if needed, then test ammonia and nitrite at least daily until I was sure it was stabilized. I would also add a media bag of matrix media to shore up the biological filtration.
  6. jservedio

    Jack's New EXT-50 Lagoon

    For the new rocks I did nothing and just waited for coralline to take over. I've never added dry rock and not gotten hair algae on it for a few months - but it only happens on clean surfaces and white rock so it doesn't bother the corals or old LR at all other than sucking up the nutrients. For the powerhead and rack I just pulled it and cleaned it every month or so whenever it got bad enough to drop the nutrients enough for the acros to pale a bit or was bothering anything on the rack. For the back glass I scrape it where there is no coralline and just let it do it's thing and it eventually goes away when other stuff out competes it. I run a filter sock while I scrape and leave it for a few days after. Just takes a while for calcerous algae to cover the back wall and powerhead. There is still a little on the glass and powerhead, but it's not enough to do anything about at this point.
  7. filefishfinatic

    Monthly Reef Profile (TOTM) Nominations

    billygoat seagrass
  8. banasophia

    Monthly Reef Profile (TOTM) Nominations

    Yes, I second the nomination for @Aqua Splendor, awesome tank and really beautiful video documentation.
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  10. mitten_reef

    Wormie's Flex 32.5G NOOB ADVENTURE

    Nice fun journal so far, keep em coming
  11. This hobby has its ups and downs. I think unexpected tank failure is the absolute worse case scenario any fish keeper can go through. Keep it mind this is no fault of your own, it's just the random chaos of the universe. Your quick thinking and action probably saved many of your livestock. Take @Snow_Phoenix 's advice and break them own into plastic bins. It will give you some time to breathe, re-assess and plan your next move. If the tank was new, I'd contact the manufacturer.
  12. mitten_reef

    Monthly Reef Profile (TOTM) Nominations

    I think I tagged you in @Aqua Splendor journal....
  13. Nano_Addict

    Algae ID Confirmation

    Hey everyone, I've been battling various forms of algae for months now. At this point, it seems to be cyano that has come to dominate the system but I wanted to get a quick confirmation before proceeding with any plans to eliminate it. Based on my research it looks like blue-green cyano, but the number of bubbles trapped within it are throwing me off. Also, if it is blue-green cyano, will chemi-clean still do the trick? It's advertised to work on "red-slime" cyano. Thanks all!
  14. I'm very sorry to hear about all of this - especially the losses. I've actually gone through the same thing (tank cracked, fish everywhere) *several times in both FW & SW fishkeeping. The shock and horror took a very long time to fade in those instances. You did the right thing transferring all the survivors into your evo. Even though the new tank is *new and the bioload is way overstocked, you still gave your animals a fighting chance, and sometimes that's all you could do in the moment. Do you by any chance have any large plastic storage bins at home? I now keep a few of them as back up 'QT bins', but the bins can also double as a temporary 'tank' of sorts until you can get the animals transferred to your LFS for boarding, or set up a new tank (you'll need to keep testing the water in the bins, and stay on top of WCs - maybe even perform daily WCs). If you don't have a bin, then it might be something worth considering to acquire in the future - just in case. Part and parcel of the hobby is trying to stay prepared for worst case scenarios, but life often has a nasty way of throwing really hard curveballs when you least expect it. Accidents and mistakes will happen, regardless of how good/bad you are at reefing/fishkeeping. Please don't blame yourself over this though. 😞 Especially over the deaths of the CB & mandarin. Those will be hard to let go, but hang in there - you still got this! And I'm pretty sure there are many folk on this forum that are willing to help and provide guidance, as well as motivation. Don't give up.
  15. So sorry that sucks. I think just dosing prime and do water changes is what’s best. A little bit of biospira maybe but also don’t want to overdose and cause a bacterial bloom as that can tank oxygen levels. What brand was the 30?
  16. empresto

    Looking for some suggestions

    I don't think this forum is going to be a lot of help for you as we are mostly land lubbers who like to keep pieces of the ocean in our houses in the roughly 0.5 to 50 gallon ranges. You may have more luck on a large boat owners forum or other marine trades forum. May I ask what post graduate work you're doing where the thing you are presenting on isn't something you already know a lot about?
  17. SaltCritters

    Hot new Frags are up!

    New Frags! Shop New Frags
  18. Ratvan

    Muddling along

    Take a photo of the LPS display tank if its still up please (especially tongue corals if they have them in)
  19. InAtTheDeepEnd

    Muddling along

    They're next on my list of places to visit 🙂
  20. Sharbuckle

    Monthly Reef Profile (TOTM) Nominations

    Stumbled upon Arcus reef the other day, not much for a journal but the pictures make it look pretty cool, would love to see a detailed write up.
  21. Ratvan

    Macroalgae sources UK

    Livealgae not posting until at least 1st November 2021 due to ill health, need to find a new supplier
  22. jambon

    Neon goby breeding signs?

    I had a pair breed years ago.. they laid the eggs in a large barnacle skeleton. The only indication i had was when the eggs hatched .. the fry were tiny..maybe 3 mm, the width of a hair and silver in color. They did not last long but the pair were very prolific. The egg mass was noticable if i shone a light into the hole.
  23. whisnantrider

    Waterbox 20 Cube Skimmer Question

    I have the Waterbox 20 and tried to squeeze the WS-1 from my SR-60 in there but it was a no go. I ended up with the Aquamaxx NF-1 which is a good skimmer as well but obviously not quite as strong. I actually just upgraded to a Radion XR15 G5 with an RMS mount and I can’t fit the NF-1 in the rear now because of the light mount so that’s something to consider as well. Not sure what will squeeze in there at this point.
  24. ninjamyst

    Wormie's Flex 32.5G NOOB ADVENTURE

    You sure they are not just molting?
  25. I am so sorry you had this happen. I think you did everything you could to try and save the live stock. I know it is frustrating and mostly sad. We try to provide for our critters but life happens. I hope this doesn't really cause you to pack it in. Can the 30 gallon be repaired? Now just stay on top of water changes and replacing filter media.
  26. Ratvan

    Muddling along

    Trip to Dobbies Garden centre? If you get a chance try out this place, bit pricey from what i remember BUT amazing shop
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