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What Can I Win?

Each month our community sponsor Marine Depot is offering a fun prize to the photo of the month 1st place winner, see the corresponding monthly contest theme for prize details.

Who Can Enter?

The photo of the month competition is open to all community members. Joining is free and can be done during entry into the competition. No personal info is required other than your email address when registering for an account, and a mailing address from the prize winner only, for the purpose of delivering the prize by Marine Depot.


International entries are welcome and encouraged, however prizes can only be sent to addresses within the United States. If the first place winner isn't able to provide a mailing address in the US, then the prize will go to the second place winner, then third place, and so on until someone is eligible.

How Does It Work?

Use the "Enter" button and on the form enter your photo's title, upload your image file, and enter an optional caption. The picture with the most votes given by community members at the end of the month wins. Members can vote on as many entries as they like but only once per entry. To submit your vote use the "Vote" button on the entry page beneath each corresponding image you wish to vote for.

What Photos Qualify?

Only photographs that you have personally taken and own the copyright to should be submitted to the Photo of the Month competition. Photographs found on the web or taken by others do not qualify and may be removed without warning. No memes with text please.

How Can I Claim My Prize?

At the end of the month the winner will be contacted directly via private message using the website. The winner is automatically determined at midnight on the last day of the month and details of the winner's username as it is displayed on the site will be published immediately. In the event that the prize goes unclaimed for 2 months it will then be offered to the second place, third place and so on until somebody accepts. In the event of a tie, a tie-breaking winner will be randomly chosen using the Random.org true random number generator.

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