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Pico Contest Winners

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Christopher Marks

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Congratulations to Ann and ZooGirl

Ann has won the Custom category. Check out her mods and all the tank's progress over the contest's 6 months in her tank thread: http://www.nano-reef...ndpost&p=768216

Ann wins a JBJ DigiLab donated by AquaBuys.com

ZooGirl has won the Stock category. Take a look at her pico's beginnings and how much it's grown during the contest's 6 months in her tank thread: http://www.nano-reef...ndpost&p=770584

Zoogirl wins a $100 livestock gift certificate to SeaCrop


Our second place winners are Tigahboy and tinyreef!

Tigahboy's custom pico reef can be found here: http://www.nano-reef...ndpost&p=770299

tinyreef's stock pico reef can be found here: http://www.nano-reef...ndpost&p=769320

They will both receive a $50 gift certificate to Marine Depot


DragonFish is the winner of the bonus "System Setup" category

DragonFish's stock pico reef with custom made canopy can be found here: http://www.nano-reef...ndpost&p=771082

DragonFish wins a $75 gift certificate to FraggleReef


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Nano-Reef.com Pico Reef Contest
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just want to say congrats to the winners (and those that didnt win!) it was a great contest to keep track of, and you all have inspired me in many ways! I look forward to the next contest, because maybe then I can join this one!

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i wanted to thank the sponsors, the mods/admins, fellow contestants, and everyone who watched our picos grow. the contest was challenging but fun! :happy: thanks everyone!



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