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Nano Cube Contest Winners

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Christopher Marks

Christopher Marks

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Congratulations to Rick J G and Apex003!

Rick J G has won the Open category with his modified Nano Cube 6. Check out his mods and all the tank's progress over the contest's 6 months in his tank thread: http://www.nano-reef...showtopic=58141

Rick wins a $150 gift certificate donated by SeaCrop

Apex003 has won the Stock category with his beautiful Nano Cube 6. Take a look at his tank's beginnings and how much it's grown during the contest's 6 months in his tank thread: http://www.nano-reef...showtopic=58769

Apex003 wins a NanoCustoms Larnie Edition 12g NanoCube


Our second place winners are oogie and yellotangman!

oogie's modified nano cube can be found here: http://www.nano-reef...showtopic=58771

yellowtangman's stock nano cube can be found here: http://www.nano-reef...showtopic=62104

They will both receive a $50 gift certificate to Coral Dynamics


Thank you to everyone who entered in the Nano Cube contest!
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congratulations! B)



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Congrats to all involved.
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Kellie in CA

Kellie in CA

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gorgeous tanks!!! :)

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Congrats to all who won and those that did'nt, keep on trekking. There are a lot of great tanks in the contest.



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Congradulations guys! - I think the judges did a great job in selecting the winners, those tanks are fantastic!



    hello kitty

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Congratulations to the winners (of course), but also to all the participants.

This was NR's first contest of the sort and though it wasn't perfect, thanks for all the hard work everyone put into their entries and for the suggestions on how to improve things in the future.

Thank you sponsors for the support :)

Long live the CM!




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Wow, that is really sweet that my NC6 won the open contest! :D :happy: :D

I wish more contestants had been able to finish the contest, it seemed like some of the best entrants lost their tanks and sometimes a lot of nice corals because of glass cracking. I feel lucky that my NC6 is still intact after 10 months and I think it has a lot to do with the great care that Nanocustoms.com takes in the shipping of tanks, thanks Chris.

I would like to thank SeaCrop for donating the $150 gift certificate. Contests are much more fun if you win a prize.


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And tell that dumb tard you got fish tanks to build!

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Hey CM,

How bout editing that first post to include a full tank shot of the winners?

thanks :)

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Obsessed Reefer

Obsessed Reefer

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CONGRATS TO ALL WINNERS!!! and to all who entered.

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I'm so happy to have won the stock part of the contest! The system is still alive and doing really well, and it has definitely been my favorite system that I've ever put together. I have to admit, I was very surprised at what I was able to keep pretty successfully under that stocker 18W. Thanks very much to Chris at nanocustoms for flawlessly shipping the nc6 and for donating the prize for the contest! I wish more folks had been able to make it to the end, and I thank my lucky stars that I haven't had a cracker (knock on wood!). Thanks also to all the contest judges and organizers, and nano-reef.com as a whole. I wouldn't have gotten back into the hobby if I hadn't found this site...




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Congrats to al the winners! We should have some pics after 1 year. Mine looks better now (still all stock, except for the moonlight fix)