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Hey guys, I'm new here. I hope I'll learn a lot! :)



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:welcome: to Nano-Reef.com! Good luck and have fun.

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You will definitely learn a lot!



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You will definitely learn a lot!

As long as you read everything.

Read. Read everything all over the site.

Why is it that my 1.5l femto tank looks similar in size to my 12l pico?
Par30 & Par38 bulbs in Australia; From a nice guy.



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Research and have patience you'll be fine :)
25 cube
250wt Radium 20k, 4 x 24w giesemann actinic+, 16 x 6wt 420nm leds
asm g1-x
50wt ebo heater
SP 3000 powered by JBJ ATO
Deltec GFO reactor
Deltec carbon reactor
Aquamedic triple reef doser
RKL, sl1, net

any questions?

Baltimore Area Reef Hobbyists

feedback can be seen here...http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=302303



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Remember two things: Research before posting and stay of the lounge! :lol:

You're the type of man who passes by sports illustrated and grabs encyclopedia brittanica when you take a dump, huh?

Did someone mention Alto ???
Im GAGA for Alto !!

I'd give you a hug but you might stab me

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