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Anybody aquaculture their own rock?

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This summer I'm going to set up my first larger reef in quite some time, and am currently in the process of making aragocrete/oystercrete and aquiring equipment. I will begin the curing process for my rock soon, and was going to setup a 50~ish gallon tru-vu (weird double-tank thing that is connected via a couple 8" tubes) in a room in my house to help establish the rock once the 'crete is cured. I want to do my best to establish a good bit of biodiversity, as well as a healthy growth of coralline algae. the tank has more or less the same footprint as 55 gallon, and I have a beater 4x 65w (2x 50/50, 2x 460nm bulb) pc fixture to throw on it. A couple powerheads, an HOB on either side, a ball of chaetomorpha, and weekly water changes are the basics of my plan so far.

What would be the best way to promote great coralline growth? I've heard a good bit of blue light will help, and calcium and magnesium dosing would be a good start as well. would it be worth adding any fish? I will seed my tank with some already active LR, and the chaeto is CRAWLING with pods, stomatellas, amphipods (the good ones that don't bother anyone or grow large), and the rock is Practically covered in coralline. Goal is to have it well and ready by end of summer, and then swapping out the tank for either a 55 or a 75. Any thoughts?

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Use a razor blade to scrap coralline off the live rock into the water with the dead rock. The cells will settle on the rock and start to grow new colonies.

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